Beghelli’s review SVL30 GPS: lifesaver becomes a mobile phone

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Il Lifesaver Beghelli it is an icon.
Impossible to forget the advertising, impossible to have never seen the product around the neck of some elderly person.
Yet decades have passed since that spot-on Telesalvalavita advertisement.
So, just to give you a time reference: the spot is from 1996.

Since then, however, things have changed. Beghelli, which is an all-Italian excellence, has given life to products that are increasingly intuitive, comfortable and in step with the times.
The latest addition came last year with the Beghelli Salvavita Phone, mobile phones that allow you to call for help in case of need.

Beghelli SVL30 GPS review

There are three Salvalavita Phones by Beghelli:

  • l’SLV10with 1.77-inch display, camera, speakerphone, life saver key and two dedicated speed dial keys.
  • SLV20where the display becomes 2.8 inches, the keys dedicated to speed dialing go up to 3 and there is also the possibility of combining it with the Salvalavita Band;
  • SLV30 GPSwhich includes location and fall sensor.

We have got our hands on the latter, the top of the range of the family.
But don’t let this definition scare you: it’s the older brother but the price is extremely affordable. Let’s talk about €89.90 for the telephone alone and €104 for the combo SLV30 GPS + Salvalavita Band.

But how exactly does it work? What does it offer the end user?


Beghelli SLV30 GPS it pleasantly surprised us right out of the box.
Not just for looks minimalist and elegant but also for the pleasant sensation it gives to the touch. In fact, the opaque surface is extremely soft and smooth, without retaining any fingerprints.
On the front then we find the company logo and a small black rectangle that houses the 1.3 megapixel camera and the LED, which acts as both a flash, a torch and an indicator for recharging.

On the right profile we find the 3.5 mm jack on the headphoneson the left the volume rocker and on the bottom the microUSB connector for recharging. You can choose to recharge the device directly from here or take advantage of it the charging base included in the package, which in turn must be connected to the microUSB power supply. What changes? In fact nothing. The base simply allows you to keep the surface on which you are going to place the phone a little more tidy, not to mention that you can keep it in the same position even during the day, so you always know where it is while you are at home.

Beghelli SLV30 GPS review autonomy compressed

The back includes the speaker and the lifesaver button – positioned in such a way that it is easily reachable regardless of which hand you hold the mobile phone with.
And the SIM? Well, to insert it you will have to remove the back cover. Find a small crack in the right corner and from there you’ll have to leverage your nails to lift it. It is not an easy operation but it is still doable. The first time it took us just a couple of minutes to uncover it after which we were able to insert the microSIM, the microSD card and the battery.

Beghelli SLV30 GPS review key Salvalavita compressed

A couple of important info:

  • the SIM is micro, not nano. So it’s not the same one we usually use in smartphones. It doesn’t mean you have to ask your operator for one, if they make them. Simply get an adapter like we did and you’re done.
  • microSD card is not required. Note that the phone has 32MB of memory. Yes, megabytes. However, it was not created for surfing the net, for taking pictures or for shooting videos, so in reality you only use the memory for messages and contacts, nothing more.

Once opened you will find it on top the 2.8 inch screen with the ear capsule and the writing SLV30 GPS while on the lower one the alphanumeric keys, those for navigating the menu, the buttons for managing telephone calls, the one dedicated to the camera and well 3 keys that can be associated with as many numbers to quickly call the people you need.
All keys are large, comfortable and backlit so as to be visible even in the dark.

What do you do with this phone?

Beghelli SLV30 GPS review menu compressed

We are dealing with a mobile phone that was created to allow those in need to contact family members or remote assistance, so don’t expect smartphone functionality.
Everything is simplified and intuitive, with the writing and icons on the screen that are always large and clear for ease of use and reading.
We have the phone book, messages and call logs but not only.
By accessing the Settings you will have at your disposal a series of rather interesting functions. For example, with Schedule power on and off you can make the phone partially autonomous while using Position control you can allow others to verify where you are.

Beghelli SLV30 GPS review position control compressed

As? Simple: they just have to send an SMS with LOC written and Beghelli SLV30 GPS will send them an SMS with the link that contains your location on a map. Naturally not everyone can do it: as anticipated, you must authorize one or more numbers to carry out this check.

Salvalavita Beghelli locationBy opening the link received via SMS you will access the map with the position of the phone

Then there are the SOS settings with which you decide whether to associate an audible alarm to pressing the button located on the back. You can also activate the fall detection and decide which emergency numbers to call in case of need.

The Salvalavita Phone also provides four user profiles, customizable and adaptable to different situations. Are you outside? You can turn up the ringer volume to maximum to be sure you hear it. Are you inside? You can lower the tone of the messages or change the ringtone.

Then we have Camera, to take pictures and view them. Obviously we are talking about 1.3 megapixels so don’t expect very high quality. It was not born for this, it is evident.
The FM Radio, the Alarm Clocks and the File Manager are collected in Other functions.

We conclude with one of the most important items: Medical Information. In fact, you can enter here your name, date of birth, weight and height, insurance, doctor’s name, blood type, allergies and much more. All this to ensure that in the event of an emergency, the rescuers already have the basic data and contacts of your family members.

What about autonomy? Well, infinite. One charge lasts for weeks.

Beghelli SLV30 GPS review Medical Information compressed

What if I fall in the shower?

It’s not an unlikely scenario. On the contrary.
The problem is that I can’t keep the Salvalavita Phone in the shower.
True, but you can keep the Salvalavita Bandwhich is waterproof and, not surprisingly, it is also sold in a bundle with the SLV30.
The Band is in all respects a classic Beghelli Salvalavitawhat can be worn with a bracelet or possibly held around the neck with the special lanyard included in the package.

Beghelli Salvalavita Band compressed

All you have to do is connect it via Bluetooth to your phone following the very few steps indicated in the instruction booklet. A handful of seconds and it will be operational.
In what sense? Well, in essence, pressing the button on the Salvalavita Band is equivalent to pressing the SOS button on the cell phone. In this way the siren starts and, subsequently, calls and text messages to your emergency contacts.

Beghelli SVL30 GPS review: conclusions

Beghelli SLV30 GPS review conclusions compressed

Beghelli SVL30 GPS is exactly what it promises to be: a Salvalavita Phone. It is therefore a device that can help those who have difficulty quickly call for help but also to Receive daily phone calls from your family. At the same time it allows the user’s relatives to be promptly informed in case of need and to access the position whenever they feel the need.

Also keep in mind that it is possible to buy the subscription to the Telesoccorso Sanitario – with or without Doctor Friend – or even to the Telecompany. For more information on these services, we refer you to the official website.

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