Microsoft discontinues the Kinect (again)

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Microsoft is saying goodbye to Kinect, also discontinuing theAzure Kinect Developer Kit. The company advises those who still need the camera, introduced with Xbox, to interact with the machines, to use some devices from other companies that they continue to work with.

Microsoft says goodbye to Kinect, this time altogether

The Kinect’s depth camera and microphone had already suffered an official halt in production in 2017only to return in 2019 as the Azure Kinect Developer Kit. However, this version will also soon be gone. Microsoft will discontinue it in the coming months.

Microsoft has stated that the latest units of the Azure Kinect developer kits they will be available for purchase until the end of October or until stock runs out. Swati Mehta of Microsoft has ensured that those who already own a device they can continue to use it without problems.

Mehta shared the reasons behind this decision: “As the needs of our customers and partners evolve, we regularly update our products to better support them. From time to time, this includes the introduction of new opportunities as well as product recalls.”

Initially launched with Xbox 360, Kinect has changed the way users interact with devices. Originally intended as requirement for using Xbox Onethe device underwent a change of course from Microsoft before the launch of the console, becoming part of a bundle.

The ability to interact without a controller hasn’t completely changed the video game industry. But has initiated the use of motion capture technology used throughout the technology industry: from the world of special effects to VR.

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