Beko dishwasher DIN36420AD: fast and smart

Beko’s DIN36420AD dishwasher can be defined in a few words: total disappearance, self-dose, LedSpot, washing 3 times faster and extra space for pots and pans

Beko’s DIN36420AD dishwasher is pure efficiency. Equipped with the innovative AutoDose system, he’s able to manage the detergent dosage (gel) in complete autonomy and rinse aid to be used for each wash. Once the tank has been loaded, the dishwasher will in fact calibrate the quantity needed for each cycle (up to 23 washes). For those who need more space in the lower basket for pots and pans, thanks to the sliding cutlery basket, you can create more space for bulky dishes. But that’s not all: thanks to the support for Easy Fold plates the space dedicated to dishes can be used to place larger pots and pans.

Do you have doubts if the dishwasher is still running or has it finished the wash cycle? With DIN36420AD just control the light of fLedSpot operation projected to the ground to understand it. And if, on the other hand, you don’t have time, thanks to Fast + function you can triple the speed of the wash cycle and have dishes washed to perfection in no time at all.

Beko dishwasher DIN36420AD: fast and smart

Beko DISHWASHER DIN36420AD: exclusive functions

  • AutoDose: The right amount of detergent for effective washing. With AutoDose you no longer have to wonder if you are using enough detergent or if you need to add it before each wash. Once the tank has been loaded with liquid detergent and rinse aid, the dishwasher will calibrate by itself the amount needed to be used, up to 23 washes. Result? Dishes that shine with every wash, almost forgetting about the detergent.
  • LedSpot: Operation light. Is the built-in dishwasher so quiet that you can’t tell if it’s on or not? LedSpot is a light that is projected onto the ground and lets you know when it is in operation. So you no longer have to ask yourself if it’s time to empty it.
  • Fast+: Washing 3 times faster. There are times when you don’t have time to wait for a complete wash to finish. The Fast + function triples the speed of the wash cycle with exceptional results, so you can wash and serve in no time.

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