BEKO HDRY937CI dryer: sanitizes with UV rays

The BEKO HDRY937CI dryer from the new HygieneShield range offers two sanitizing programs and a unique UV technology capable of eliminating more than 99.9% of viruses and bacteria

The products of the Beko HygieneShield range have as their primary objective that of dare a response to the new needs for the defense of hygiene inside the home. How? Beko was inspired by the power of sunlight to propose a technology with the same sanitizing power: a special UV light lamp which is able to eliminate 99.9% viruses and bacteria.

Inspired by the sanitizing power of the sun, Beko’s HDRY937CI dryer incorporates the best technologies to ensure gentle drying of garments, with maximum hygiene. Thanks to the presence of a UV lamp it is in fact able to hygienically treat laundry, whether dry or wet, eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria (including coronavirus). There are two sanitizing programs available, one for drying wet garments (“UV Drying Hygiene”) and the second for refreshing already dry garments (“UV Refresh Hygiene”).

Equipped with EcoGentle technology, this model uses condensation drying that combines with an air conditioning system, to delicately treat the garments. The result offers vivid colors, perfect drying and maximum energy efficiency. With a 9 kg drying capacity, HDRY937CI gives the choice between 15 programs: Cotton, Cotton ECO Program, Synthetics Program, Mix Program, Wool Program, Night Program, Delicates Program, Time Programs, Jeans Program, Sport Program, Duvet / Duvet Program, Shirts Program, Xpress Program, UV Hygiene Drying and UV Refresh Hygiene . In energy class A +++, allows a considerable energy saving, respecting the colors and fabrics.

BEKO HDRY937CI dryer: sanitizes with UV rays

BEKO HDRY937CI dryer: technical characteristics

UV lamp

The special UV lamp, present in a ceiling light positioned in the upper part of the basket, is able to eliminate more than 99% of viruses and bacteria (including Coronavirus). The sanitizing effectiveness of this dryer has been tested and approved by Airmid Health Group.

Motore ProSmart Inverter

High efficiency, longer life, less noise. Thanks to the brushless motor design, ProSmart offers high energy efficiency, reduced noise levels and longer life, all in a single solution. The quality and durability of this motor is also guaranteed by a 10-year warranty, which can be activated on any dryer equipped with a ProSmart Inverter motor.


Perfect drying, colors always vivid with EcoGentle , the technology that does not alter the colors of clothes with its innovative drying. Condensation drying combines with an air conditioning system to gently treat garments and have a more energy efficient dryer.

BEKO HDRY937CI dryer: sanitizes with UV rays

AquaWave basket

The AquaWave system, thanks to the curved glass of the door e the exclusive wave motion produced by the blades inside the drum, it treats the garments more delicately, improving drying.

Silent program

Less noise, more peace of mind at home! Running the dryer while your baby is asleep is a losing game – he’ll wake up or you won’t be able to dry the laundry. Or so it was in the past. The Silent Program allows you and your family to get a good night’s sleep while the dryer is running, without you noticing it.

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