Beko: the refrigerator arrives that disinfects food and eliminates bacteria

Beko: arriva il frigorifero che disinfetta i cibi ed elimina i batteri thumbnail

Within the new HygieneShield range by Beko, the RCNE560E40ZLXPHUN combined refrigerator with special UV ray drawer arrives on the market: maximum hygiene and technology, these are the watchwords of the product of the Turkish household appliance brand.

The core business of Beko HygieneShield RCNE560E40ZLXPHUN

The secret weapon – if we can say so – of the refrigerator is all in the special HygieneShield drawer: a “compartment” that allows you to thoroughly disinfect packaged foods (vacuum packed meat, eggs inside the box, packaged vegetables) and to remove more 99% of viruses and bacteria (including Coronavirus).

But it doesn’t stop there

In addition to the HygieneShield drawer, there is in fact, underneath it, the vegetable crisper with HarvestFresh technology which, by reproducing the day-night cycle, thanks to three efficient internal lights, manages to preserve the vitamins A and C present in food for a long time and unchanged: blue light for dawn, green light for the day and red light for the sunset, with total and simultaneous shutdown in the evening for what is the night

HarvestFresh technology, after rigorous scientific tests conducted by independent laboratories and academic research, has received INTERTEK certification.

Last but not least: a possibility of managing the refrigerator

A technological refrigerator from all points of view. A product that is manageable not only when you are at home, but also from afar thanks to the use of the HomeWhiz app, which allows you to control the appliance for various settings – temperature, various adjustments or activations of food preservation modes – via smartphone or tablet. A 360 ° household appliance.

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