Metroid Dread: skills and enemies in the new trailer!

As anticipated in recent days, today Nintendo has released on its official channels the new trailer of Metroid Dread, in which we see Samus in action with his new skills, while facing new enemies and old acquaintances

As announced by Nintendo last week, a new one was released today trailer di Metroid Dread, thanks to which we can extrapolate new information about what we will see in the game, in particular regarding Samus’ abilities and enemies to deal with. Originally designed for Nintendo DS in 2000 as Metroid’s return to 2D, the game had a troubled development, so much so that the project was canceled and never presented. In the meantime, however, the public and the press, having learned of this name, began to be interested in a return of Metroid to the 2D formula, so much so that Nintendo was pushing to resume the project and to announce it for Switch during the last E3 2021. Below in the article, we see the details of this new trailer.

Samus’ abilities and enemies in the new Metroid Dread trailer

In the video trailer in question, as already mentioned, we can see various skills of Samus in action. Let’s talk about the Flash Shift, which will allow the player to take one or more sprints forward or backward, or even a new type of missile called Storm, which automatically locks on to the enemy to launch a volley of missiles, which can also be used to solve puzzles and riddles. Other skills confirmed by the last official report I’m the Pulse Radar, which uses sound waves to locate blocks that can be destroyed, e Shinespark, to be activated when you have boosted the speed to fly through obstacles and damage enemies in any direction.

The weapons instead include the Rampino, l’Ice Missile, lo Speed Booster and so on. Speaking instead of the enemies and the threats that we players will have to face together with Samus, there are both new and mysterious faces and old acquaintances. We can speak for example of the mysterious warrior Chozo, who will be the one who at the beginning will cause our hero to lose all abilities; we can talk about robots resembling him, or even about the return of Kraid, the huge boss who debuted in very first Metroid and which is reconfirmed for this new chapter.

Recall that the release of Metroid Dread is scheduled for on October 8, 2021. To stay up to date on Metroid Dread and all the most important titles of the moment, we invite you to stay tuned to the pages of If you prefer to buy game keys at discounted prices, you can do so via our link to Instant Gaming.

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