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Belgium, Tik Tok banned on smartphones of government workers

Il Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo announced that Tik Tok will be banned from the smartphones of federal government employees. This decision came after a meeting of the National Security Council which discussed the data collected by the app and its relationship with Beijing. In fact, the whole problem revolves around the ownership of TikTok.

Tik Tok banned on smartphones of Belgian government employees

Belgian Prime Minister De Croo points out that even though the app we use is part of the company’s international wing, Tik Tok was still developed and created by ByteDance, a big tech headquartered in Beijing. Precisely for this reason, according to the Belgian Prime Minister, it is important to ban the Chinese app on all smartphones and various devices of those who work for the government.

What are the countries where Tik Tok has been banned

As early as March 2022, TikTok is severely limited in Russiawhere it seems that only regime propaganda news is published.

TikTok has been banned entirely in India since the summer of 2020. The more than 200 million Indian users were left without accounts, because the platform would have raised concerns related to none other than national security. Furthermore, in Afghanistan the Taliban regime has banned TikTok since the beginning of 2022so that “the younger generations are not deceived”.

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In the past, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh have also banned the Chinese social network, only to then retrace their steps. In Pakistan there have been four bans in the last two years, there have been two bans in Bangladesh (2019 and 2021), while in Indonesia the stop lasted only a week.

In the United States there are increasingly heavy suspicions against the Bytedance social network. The words of Marco Rubio, head of the Senate intelligence commission, caused a sensation. Rubio said, “The federal government has yet to take a single significant action to protect American users from the threat of TikTok. There is no more time to waste in meaningless negotiations with a CCP puppet company. It’s time to permanently ban Beijing-controlled TikTok.”

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