LG OLED C3, il TV in preordine insieme alla soundbar SC9S thumbnail

LG OLED C3, the TV in pre-order together with the SC9S soundbar

After previewing at CES 2023 the new TV LG OLED evo serie C3finally from today it is available for pre-order on the LG Online Shop in the formats 55 and 65 inches. The recommended retail price is 2,099 euros for the 55-inch version and 2,899 euros for the 65-inch one. And there is also the excellent soundbar SC9S.

LG OLED C3, the new TV available for pre-order with SC9S soundbar

In addition to LG’s gorgeous new OLED (which really impressed us at CES), the company has decided to offer additional benefits for those who will make the preorder del TV OLED C3. In fact, an unmissable combined sale will be offered with the straordinaria soundbar SC9Swhich has a suggested retail price of 999 euro.

Anyone who decides to buy the soundbar together with the C3 OLED TV in pre-order will be able to benefit from an advantageous price. The combination with the 5 format5-inch will have a total price of 2,598 euros, while for the format from 65 inches the price will be 3,199 euros.

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The C3 series has been designed to offer an even more immersive home cinema experience, thanks to LG’s OLED technology. The α9 AI Gen6 processor and technology Brightness Booster, guarantee excellent image quality and excellent brightness. Also, the platform webOS has been enhanced with even more smart features and services, offering seamless integration with other devices in the home.

Pairing with the SC9S soundbar delivers an immersive and powerful audio experience, which completes the viewing experience. The perfect integration between TV and soundbar is not only aesthetic, but also allows you to have a tidy room without visible cables. Indeed, the practical bracket supplied allows you to clip the soundbar directly to the TV stand.

For more information on the combined sale of LG OLED evo C3 series and the SC9S soundbar, you can visit the dedicated page on the official LG website.

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