Benelli 402R new sports car in an Italian-Chinese sauce

Benelli 402R, la nuova sportiva si avvicina? thumbnail

QJ Motor, owner of the Benelli brand, has filed patent applications for a 400cc inline two-cylinder sports bike that should be the new for many. Benelli 402R. However, there are still no official confirmations that this bike will be produced with an Italian brand. But given that this is now the main one in the European market, it is safe to assume that the new bike will be the heir to the sporty Benelli 302R, put on sale just over a year ago.

This new sporty model indeed follows the lines sported by the 302R launched last year. The family resemblance is striking, especially when it comes to the front of the bike with a vertical headlight and two LED daytime running lights on either side. Other elements are also similar to the 302R, such as the mirrors. The big difference here comes from the integration of a higher capacity engine.

Will the new Benelli 402R derive from QJ Motor’s 400RR?

Recently, the sister brand of Benelli, QJ Motor has added a 400RR to its range in China. It is therefore not surprising that it is this 399 cm3 twin-cylinder, itself patented last year and very similar to that of the Kawasaki Ninja 400, to power the new sports car.

benelli 402r 3

With the exception of the single swing arm, the parts of the bike are relatively classic, with a tubular steel frame. The bike will keep the fork upside down, while at the rear of the updated sports car it will appear, judging from the patent images, with a cantilevered swingarm.

Present a simple front disc bitten by a floating caliper. A surprising choice, because the 302 benefits from two front discs. But since the bike hasn’t gone into production yet, it’s a feature that could easily be revised before the official launch

benelli 402r 2

The future of this potential 402R is uncertain to say the least. Of course, we will have to wait for QJ Motor or Benelli to officially recognize the development of the new 400-class sports bike, but the new patent comes as a surprise given the recent release of the 302R.