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Benelli On Benelli from May 2nd available on Sky

Available from 2 May, 9.15 pm on Sky Documentaries, Benelli Su Benelli, directed by Marta Miniucchi

Last September, on the occasion of the 78th Venice International Film Festival, at the end of the programming of the new Sala Laguna, organized by the Giornate degli Autori and Isola Edipo, as a special event, the documentary that combines cinema and sport Benelli on Benelli directed by Marta Miniucchiproduced by Paolo Rossi Pisu’s Genoma Films.

And the 2 maggioin the early evening, we can enjoy it on Sky Documentaries, it will also be available On Demand and streaming on NOW.

The documentary and the cast

Benelli on Benelli is an original docufilm inspired by life of the pilot Tonino Benelli which has been entirely rebuilt thanks to photographic images, archive films, interviews and fiction reconstructions suitably edited and mixed.

Benelli On Benelli from May 2nd available on Sky

The actor from the Marches Neri Marcorè interprets Tonino’s voiceoverwhich on the screen will have the face of Alessandro Gimelli. In the cast also Matteo Gatta, Gaia Bottazzi, Giovanni Maria Briganti and Fabrizio Romagnoli.

He comes staged and reconstructed the short human and sporting life of the youngest of the six Benelli brothersin the background, Italy between the two wars.


The exploits of Tonino Benellinice joker and reckless pilot, his private life, his competitive beginnings, the races with the numerous victories and also the bitter disappointments are remembered in the documentary thanks to the work of a female team of director Marta Miniucchi and screenwriter Annapaola Fabbri.

Benelli on Benelli was created with the contribution of the Marche Region – Funds POR-FESR 2014-2020, Marche Film Commission – Marche Culture Foundation, Municipality of Pesaro, Riviera Banca; in collaboration with Moto Club T. Benelli, Benelli Historical Register, Land of Pilots and Motors, CNA cinema and audiovisuals Marche.

The film was also made with the support of CMT Orange Tools by Marcello Tommassini, Deisa Ebano, Filicori Zecchini and Boutique Ratti from Pesaro. Benelli on Benelli is a Genoma Films co-production by Paolo Rossi Pisu with Albedo Productions by Cinzia Salvioli.

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