Benetton and Google Cloud: an innovative shopping experience based on AI

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Artificial intelligence it is used for any need, including that of doing shopping. Indeed, the Benetton Group and Google Cloud have joined forces to come up with a very interesting idea, aimed at improving the consumer shopping experience through interaction with new tools.

Benetton and Google Cloud together for shopping with artificial intelligence

Through artificial intelligence, Benetton gives purchase recommendations at specific shopping moments, such as “Bought together frequently” and “Other products you might like”. They are nothing more than sections shown at the time of purchase checkout.

And this is where the collaboration with comes in Google Cloud. Indeed, the cloud-based platform that uses state-of-the-art analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to map purchasing patterns and how exactly the purchase happens in stores.

Antonio Patrissi, Chief Digital Officer of Benetton Group he has declared:

“We needed a system that uses artificial intelligence to better understand our customers’ needs and provide them with personalized recommendations. Google Cloud was the only platform available on the market that could provide us with what we needed. […] we have created a recommendation system that helps us personalize our customers’ shopping experience. It dynamically adjusts in real time, increasing engagement and sales.”

Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence rival of ChatGPT

Bard is the artificial intelligence created by Google and, in an early stage of development, will only be available for some trusted testers who will have the task of testing it. Those who will be able to test it are a group of geographically diversified people and external to the company. The goal is to get it to the general public in the coming weeks.

What is it for? As with ChatGPT, Bard is in charge of generate detailed answers to simple questions to which users will submit it, such as how to make a certain thing, whatever it is.