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Electric cars km 0: are they really worth it?

0 km cars allow you to save a lot of money. But will it be the same for km 0 electric cars?

The world of transport is in continuous and constant evolution, so much so that in recent times we are witnessing the advent of electric cars with ever greater determination. Everything suggests that the new frontier of private transport is looking in the direction of an increasingly eco-sustainable future, to be clear, a scenario in which electric cars play an undisputed leading role. Choosing an electric car means having a vehicle with zero emissions and silent operation, but without giving up truly interesting performance. Electric cars km 0, new or used, are in fact very fast and agile, especially when compared with cars of equal power running on petrol or diesel. Versatile and safe, electric cars already are a reality in the automotive world. In addition to km 0 or new electric cars, it is also possible to evaluate the car rental in your city, for example with the long-term rental in Naples without advance. In the next paragraphs we will try to list all the features that make the offers of electric cars so irresistible.

Electric cars km 0: are they really worth it?

Electric cars km 0: how does the formula work?

Opting for km 0 or used electric cars is certainly a way to save money compared to buying a new car. As far as electric cars ready for delivery are concerned, it must be said that in Italy it is possible to choose from a vast network of dealers. Specifically, then, how 0 km electric cars work? First of all, we are talking about a technique that is now increasingly widespread and which requires the dealer to purchase the car and register it. Once this is done, the car can no longer be sold as if it were new, but as used. However, since it has never been used, we are talking precisely about km 0 electric cars. Clearly, choosing this type of electric car ready for delivery km 0 is very advantageous because it allows you to buy the car even paying up to 35% less compared to new.

Buying km 0 electric cars is a bit like buying new cars, but at the price of used cars. This practice is adopted for various reasons, think for example of a given model that is struggling to establish itself on the market. Another of the possible reasons that could convince dealers to offer an electric car ready for delivery km 0 is the achievement of certain turnover objectives to obtain prizes. As it is easy to understand, the buyer is not so much interested in the reasons why km 0 cars are put up for sale, as in the actual advantages offered by electric cars of this type.

Electric cars km 0: are they really worth it?

What are the benefits?

When we talk about offers for electric cars, it is good to introduce another very important aspect: that related to government incentives. These incentives are collected by those who register the car first, therefore, in the case of electric cars km 0, by the dealers. In some cases, however, electric car offers expressly state that the car still needs to be registered. In this case it will be the one who registers the vehicle first, i.e. the buyer, who will be able to count on the incentives. In the case of already registered 0 km electric cars, on the other hand, it will be necessary to do the calculations well with respect to the new one, considering the available state incentives. Choosing an electric car ready for delivery km 0 therefore means being able to obtain a car in the same conditions as new, but a a much lower price.

Obviously, whoever opts for this type of offer will have to settle for the models available and will not be able to order anything. In some cases it could also happen to find electric cars that have been ordered for the launch of a new model with the intention of being displayed in dealerships. In these cases, more often than not they are super-equipped cars which, at the price of a 0 km, become attractive compared to the list price.

Electric cars km 0: are they really worth it?

What aspects to consider before buying km 0 electric cars

Before buying a km 0 car, it is important to take the time to make some assessments and minimize the risk of nasty surprises. Generally, however, offers for electric cars are very advantageous in terms of price, especially if buyers are determined to keep the car for a long time. The advice is not to be seduced solely by the possible savings, which will in any case be substantial, but to evaluate a whole series of factors very carefully, ranging from the actual mileage to the year of registration of the car. In fact, it would be better to avoid buying electric cars that have been registered, and therefore remained stationary, for more than 6-8 months. Other aspects to consider, for all km 0 cars, both electric and non-electric, are the booklet, the level of emissions and the power/weight ratio in the case of novice drivers, given that, we remind you, it can never exceed 55 kW per ton. Attention also to non-secondary aspects such as the number of transportable passengers, with some models that can have 4 or 5 seats depending on the available equipment.

Electric cars km 0: are they really worth it?

Electric cars ready for delivery km 0 and guarantees

Buying 0 km cars does not mean giving up guarantees in the event of breakdowns or malfunctions. With 0 km cars the warranty is two years from registration and is supplied directly by the parent company, another aspect that should reassure you when you are thinking about buying this type of car. However, the warranty does not start from the moment you take possession of the car, but from when the car was registered.

In conclusion, we can say that when looking for a car it is important to check the new, the used, but also the km 0, this because the latter could represent the ideal solution, especially for those who are looking for an electric car prompt delivery. Unlike new cars, km 0 cars are already present in the dealer’s office, and therefore cannot be customized. Finally, let us recall that anyone who buys a 0 km car will become the second owner to all intents and purposes. It will therefore also have to manage the costs related to the transfer of ownership, even if many dealers choose to include these expenses in the negotiation. By law, however, all km 0 electric cars are considered used cars, as they are cars registered to the dealer who bought them from the parent company and registered them. That’s all from the engines section, keep following us!