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Benq GS50 review: the projector that will satisfy you

That the world of entertainment (and cinema in particular) is going through a transformation stage it is now confirmed. With all the pros and cons of the case, also thanks to the events of 2020, the amount of content we enjoy from home has gained ground compared to the past. And so many are looking for new solutions to improve their domestic experiences. A projector it can be a great choice to bring the magic of cinema back into your living room and as you will see in this one reviewil Benq GS50 it is undoubtedly an outstanding proposition.

Benq GS50 review: the quality you were looking for, without the hassle

There are so many factors to consider in a review of a projector like the Benq GS50, but two stand out above all: video quality and (depending on the case) audio. Because there are so many features that can affect the experience – and as we will see for this device they play an important role – but if what we see is horrible or we don’t hear it, we don’t go very far.

Fortunately this is not the case, quite the contrary. The Benq GS50 offers a projection quality truly exceptional, without the need for ideal conditions. Even a very simple white wall or a flat and uniform surface in general is sufficient and our contents will be perfectly clear, even without the need for complete darkness. All without particular effort, thanks to the calibration tools that offers.

Indeed, we have the possibility of modifying it in a manner decidedly intuitive the “screen” box, very useful for adapting to the surface and above all to the projection angle. In fact, it is often difficult to find the ideal position to place these devices, but this allows us to obtain them great results without needing to be perfectly parallel. Subsequently just a simple click to activate the autofocus which in a couple of seconds will adjust everything to the best possible definition.

And then, the audio. Projectors often force you to take advantage of additional tools, because they don’t provide sound or aren’t powerful enough to really enjoy the content. In this case instead the offer far exceeds all expectations. Qualitatively and in terms of power, the built-in speakers are easily comparable to those of any television. In short, it is not a Hi-Fi system, but goes far beyond the average needs.

Benq GS50 review: designed for maximum functionality

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Turning into this review ai secondary but nonetheless important factors what is striking about the Benq GS50 is certainly its design. Not so much from an aesthetic point of view (although its simple lines are appreciable), but from that of the functionality. In its compressed space we find a quantity of unique tools, to make our vision enjoyable.

Beyond speakers, charging sockets and projection sources, we have indeed two very useful compartments. The first hides and protects an audio output (for a possible extra sound system) and three sockets: one USB-Ca USB-A it’s a HDMI. This allows, also considering the presence of Bluetooth connections e Wi-Fito project without too much difficulty all the contents we want, by connecting the device we prefer.

But that’s not all, because in the other door we have the perfectly designed space to insert one stick Android TV (really beautifully located) and so access virtually every service in streaming directly from our Benq GS50. The set-up using our smartphone is very fast, it only takes a few minutes and then we can press Play on the first film or TV series. Final little gem? A retractable peg on the front of the base which allows you to tilt it up to 15″ with ease to find the best position.

To complete the package we find a remote controller which offers very quick access to all projector functions, including a key immediately dedicated to Prime Video. And then, a touch that has now become essential for these tools, it allows access to voice commands via Google Assistant. In short, the maximum to have a user experience as comfortable as possible.

A portable projector that we can actually carry around

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The Benq GS50 protagonist of this review is also ready to get out of our homes. It’s undoubtedly sturdy and compact, with some water resistance (IPX2 certification to be precise) of even one comfortable carrying handle. Not only that, but in the package we also already find a very practical bag, with several compartments for the remote control, device and any charging cables or power banks. Even the fact that it is audio self-sufficient play favor, requiring no additional accessories.

That said, the effective practicality of using “agile” is relative. Despite being compact in general, it is still a device of about 20x15x15 cm, not exactly pocket sized. In addition, one of its killer features is precisely the ability to connect to the Internet independently to offer us all the content we want, but finding a good Wi-Fi on an adventurous journey is not so obvious.

The factor that makes it though definitely valid even beyond the living room is undoubtedly the drums. An aspect typically difficult to manage for these devices, which instead has optimal performance here. In fact, it can easily last more than three hours with a single full charge, more than enough to enjoy a film under the stars, perhaps projecting it right on our tent. It is undoubtedly about one of the best devices we’ve tried so far also in this respect.

Not related to portability, the only real flaw we found is thelack of native access to Netflix for licensing issues. There are alternative ways to still use the service, but they are not as convenient. Hopefully in the future can be overcome this problem.

Benq GS50 review absolutely positive

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As we anticipated at the beginning of the review, if you are looking for a projector, this Benq GS50 is absolutely the right choice. The price, sustained but not inaccessible, is definitely in line with the performance it offers and can easily stand comparison with a television.

The flexibility which it also offers, although not total, is still a factor not to be underestimated, which could easily add magic to an evening with friends. Because after all, however much things may change, the very idea of ​​a projection it has a charm of its ownthat never leaves us.

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