Berlin: here is the trailer of the spin-off of La casa di Carta

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Berlin is the spin-off of the famous Spanish Netflix series House of Paper: let’s discover together the new official teaser trailer, just released

Berlin is the spin off of the series La casa di Carta, dedicated to the smartest and most unruly character in the series, precisely Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso. During the event organized by Netflix, Tudum 2023 held in Sao Paulo in Brazil in live streaming, there were many official news regarding the platform’s titles, one of these concerns Berlin. After the announcement of a third chapter of the Tyler Rake film saga, there was the release of the teaser trailers of the most anticipated titles, such as Squid Game 2, with the confirmation of the release in 2024 and the live action of the new One Piece series . Now it’s Berlin’s turn!

Berlin: here is the trailer of the spin-off of La casa di Carta

The spin off series will arrive on Netflix within this year, in December, even if the precise date is not yet known and will be developed in eight episodes. The creator of the series is always Esther Martínez Lobato, together with Álex Pina, while the screenplays are by David Oliva, David Berrocal, Esther Martínez Lobato and Álex Pina and the direction is by Albert Pintó , David Barroca and Geoffrey Cowper. As you can see from this production team, almost the entire team from the parent series, House of Paper, returns. so this is great news for the fans.

In the series, Berlin’s role is joined by a new gang of experts, who will be essential to help him carry out his new crazy theft: stealing 44 million euros in one afternoon. These new characters are: Keila, an authority on electronic engineering, Damián, a philanthropist professor and Berlin councillor, Cameron, a kamikaze who always lives on the edge, Roi, a faithful follower of Berlin and Bruce, a man of action band.

And what do you think of Berlin, will you watch it? Write us in the comments and keep following for all the updates on cinema and TV series.

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