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Bertani Trasporti: Michelin Italia certificate for tire management

Bertani Transportation received for the second time the certificate from Michelin Italyto for the sustainable tire management. The company has therefore demonstrated that it knows how to treat used tires in a green way, demonstrating the attention to the subject of the company from Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN).

Bertani Trasporti: Michelin Italia certificate for green tire management

Founded over 90 years ago, Bertani Trasporti has had to lead the change several times in its history to keep up with the times. Only in this way was it able to position itself as a point of reference in the development of logistics solutions dedicated to the automotive sector. In fact, it deals with transfer parts and vehicles from manufacturers to warehouses to dealerships. But also maintenance, customization, pre-delivery. And with the new certificate, it demonstrates that it does it in a green way.

Cesare Bertani, Board Member of Bertani Trasporti SPA. “Environmental sustainability and innovation are for Bertani Trasporti two fundamental assets, inextricably linked to each other. We believe that responsibility towards the environment derives from our activity, which is why we set ourselves the goal of
constantly improve, providing solutions that respond to the most current needs of the market and the environment. We have always invested in environmental and energy policies by setting ever more ambitious goals.

“With this in mind, in 2020 we established the Bertani Trasporti Innovation Department, the department oriented towards sustainability with the task of guiding us in the adoption of winning initiatives in terms of environmental impact. Over the years we have created a system for constant monitoring of consumption, waste management, plant efficiency and vehicle maintenance which has allowed us to optimize our environmental impact. Get the Michelin Italy Certificate for
sustainable tire management for us is at the same time a goal and a starting point for embarking on new paths of sustainability.”

A scientific evaluation

The Michelin Italia certificate is used to recognize those who, with careful tire management, are committed to greener mobility. There are 31 companies awarded, including Bertani Trasportthe. To do this, Michelin Italy relies on data. Obtained by measuring the regrooving and retreading rate of tires entrusted to Michelin. All with a mathematical model developed by the Michelin Research and Development center in Ladoux. Which also identifies the saving of CO2 and raw materials.

Only regrooving tires saves money up to 2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometres. Handling 13,500 trucks in 31 fleets reduced by 4,503 tons of CO2. ANDequivalent to the emissions of 102 trucks, plus 1,639 tonnes of CO2 saved – which could be used to 23,363 tyres.

For more information, you can consult the Bertani Trasporti and Michelin Italia websites.

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