Best betting site: how to choose?

Choosing the best online betting site can be quite complex. In fact we are talking about real money, so you have to be extremely careful, however, the eye also wants its part

Online betting is now very widespread, with the health crisis and restrictions the phenomenon has undergone an even more pronounced growth. According to data from Ficom Leisure, the revenues were of € 315.5 million in March 2021, marking an increase of 80.7% compared to the same month of 2020. Casino games are the first source of income for online betting, with a total turnover of 158.7 million euros. Sports betting follows with 132.32 million in March 2021. But how to choose the best betting site? A sensitive issue because it is real money and therefore you have to pay close attention to safety, but also to the privacy because we will have to provide our data to online casino operators. Finally also thegraphic interface and the services offered they can be decisive in the choice. Let’s see some practical tips!

Best betting site: how to choose?

How to choose the best betting site: safety

Obviously given that it is about money, the safety and reliability of the site comes first. First of all, it can be verified that the company that manages it is legal and regularand registered with the Customs and Monopoly Agency (AAMS). This body is responsible for exercising the functions of regulation, authorization, monitoring, control and, where appropriate, the punishment of gambling activities throughout the Italian state. On the AAMS site you can find information about betting sites.

Secondly, it will be necessary to verify that the manager is reliable and responsible. The simplest thing is a quick web search: if someone has had negative experiences, it is likely that they have left a trace in some way. Another thing to do is check what are the methods made available to transfer the money for betting. For example, one must be wary of Postepay recharges which are not traceable. You also need to be wary of odds or offers that are too advantageous: very often there will be something underneath.

Best betting site: how to choose?

How to choose the best betting site: the services offered

Gambling is a huge universe. We definitely have betting on sporting events and certainly football is king. However, there are sites that offer tons of other sports to bet on. But also all casino games like the slot machine or roulette have been digitized. Then we have the card games that Blackjack or Poker. And you can’t miss the classic lotteries, bingo and Bingo.

More choice means first of allor more fun because you can vary and switch from one game to another, without the need to switch accounts, register on other platforms, and so on. But there are also greater chances of winning. However, our advice is to try and find the game you like best and at which you feel best. Specializing in a specific area is much more profitable than focusing on quantity.

A really interesting service are the live betting, that is the possibility to bet on an event during its development with the odds updated continuously. This allows not only to have a higher margin of victory, but also and above all it is much more engaging and fun. Being an expert on the system used by the site in this case is essential: even a second can be decisive for making you win! Then you will have to choose the site with the simplest and most immediate user interface, but also able to guarantee good performances throughout the live without getting stuck on the most beautiful.

Best betting site: how to choose?

How to choose the best betting site: the odds

The odds are what determine the potential payout of a bet. High odds mean higher potential winnings and therefore higher outlays for the site. There can be two strategies: keep the odds slightly higher than the average (and therefore expose yourself to the risk of greater outflows of money) to attract a greater number of customers or keep the odds on average to avoid large sums outgoing.

Generally the difference is not that marked and can evolve over time. Of course it is convenient to identify the site that, in the area of ​​our interest, usually has the most interesting shares. Another strategy is that of register on more than one site and from time to time choose the one with the best odds.

Best betting site: how to choose?

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