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Best Biographical Movies on NOW TV: The 10 Must See

Ten best biopic movies to watch on NOW TV: here is the complete list of titles not to be missed

What are the best biopic on the NOW TV catalog? Find out with our guide!

Best biopic on NOW TV: our top 10

10 – Judy | Best biopics on NOW TV

A stellar cast (in which the names of Renée Zellweger and Michael Gambon stand out) for Judy, the musical biopic dedicated Judy Garland, the Hollywood star who, thirty years after the success of The Wizard of Oz, with two divorces and forced to fight with a terrible addiction to alcohol and drugs, decides to take part in a series of London concerts aimed at giving a change to his own economic conditions.

9 – Ted Bundy: Criminal Charm | Best biopics on NOW TV

After the Netflix documentary Conversations with a Killer: The Bundy Affair, which chronicles the brutal crimes of heinous serial killer Ted Bundy, director Joe Berlinger re-proposes the same story in the form of a biopic. In Ted Bundy: Criminal Charm (Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile in original) the story is in fact told almost entirely from Elizabeth Kendall’s point of view, man’s companion, giving the film an interesting and decidedly original dimension, in which the duplicity of the figure of Bundy emerges: on the one hand the fascinating law student, on the other the serial killer totally devoid of humanity.

8 – Churchill | Best biopics on NOW TV

The biopic by director Jonathan Teplitzky is dedicated to the figure of the great British statesman Winston Churchill, played by Brian Cox, and focuses and revolves around the events that occurred during 1944, in the month of June. The biopic tells, in particular, of the days preceding the Allied landings in Normandy.

7 – A just cause | Best biopics on NOW TV

A just cause is the biopic dedicated to Ruth Ginsburg, an icon of feminism in the 1950s. To lend the face to the figure of the protagonist we find Felicity Jones, who manages to bring the story of a tenacious and courageous woman to the big screen. After graduating from Harvard Law School and spending a period as a teacher, Ruth Ginsburg runs into a case of discrimination and decides to take care of it. This will be the beginning of his long and tenacious battle in favor of gender equality.

6 – Bohemian Rhapsody | Migliori biopic su NOW TV

Rami Malek revives rock legend Freddie Mercury in the biopic dedicated to the celebration of Queen’s music. From the birth of the band, passing through the first successes and misunderstandings within the group, up to the consecration on the stage of Live Aid. In the film, that focuses more on the musician Freddie rather than on private affairs and inner torments, Malek offers a camouflage performance that has earned him numerous and prestigious awards, including the Oscar for Best Leading Actor in 2019.

5 – Van Gogh – On the threshold of eternity | Best biopics on NOW TV

Awarded at the 75th edition of the Venice International Film Festival as Best Actor in Drama, Willem Dafoe stages the torments and tribulations of the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh in a biopic with tragic and distressing tones. The film alternates moments in which the protagonist’s crises and pains are shown and moments in which his works of art are celebrated.

4 – Tolkien | Best biopics on NOW TV

Director Dome Karukoski tells us about the youth of the writer of The Lord of the Rings: JRR Tolkien’s dedication and keen interest in philology, the influence of the Finnish language and the creation of fictitious languages. The biopic mixes the celebration of the writer’s brilliant mind with the love affairs of the protagonist and the violence of the First World War through dream sequences that transport us to Tolkien’s imagination and in the fantastic atmospheres that characterize his works.

3 – Vice – The man in the shadows | Best biopics on NOW TV

Adam McKay directs Christian Bale in Vice – The Man in the Shadows, a biographical film dedicated to Dick Cheney. Vice President during George W. Bush’s two terms, and a charismatic and controversial figure in the US political scene in the aftermath of the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, Cheney proved to be a crucial figure during those years, managing to exert great control in the control room of the White House.

2 – Jackie | Best biopics on NOW TV

Natalie Portman è Jacqueline Kennedy in Jackie, biopic that stages the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy from the eyes of the First Lady. Director Pablo Larraín offers the viewer the point of view of Jacqueline Kennedy who, interviewed by a Life journalist, reconstructs the dramatic events of November 22, 1963 and indulges in the pain of loss trying to honor the memory of her newly murdered husband .

1 – Green Book | Best biopics on NOW TV

Directed by Peter Farrelly and winner of three Oscars in 2019, including Best Picture, Green Book tells the birth and flowering of the friendship between Don and Tony, the first Italian-American bouncer, the second African-American pianist. The road trip of the two protagonists narrated in the film is inspired by the true story of Don Shirley and Tony Lip, here interpreted respectively by Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali respectively.

Best biopic on NOW TV: our top 10

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