Best Canon SLRs to Buy | March 2021

Migliori reflex Canon da acquistare

The choice of the reflex is a very delicate subject, given the wide range of models on the market. In this guide we will analyze the best Canon SLRs to buy: which one is better to choose for our use?

This guide is aimed at amateurs who are undecided about which SLR camera to brand Canon, buy. A professional will surely have clear ideas and probably already have multiple camera bodies in their inventory. An amateur, on the other hand, often has only one camera body and the latter becomes central to his photographic life, so better choose wisely! And how to choose between best Canon SLRs?

The digital cameras reflex cameras, based on electronic sensitive elements with digital technology, are now of diversified characteristics: from tiny devices of a few centimeters up to high resolution studio equipment with linear array sensors. The reflex sin the 2000s they became the cameras that reached the widest commercial diffusion. Digital cameras use, instead of traditional media, a CMOS, to capture images that can then be transferred or stored on a removable device or in the camera’s internal memory for later use or for photo editing. In addition, now all reflex cameras also allow you to record videos.

Canon has a long experience with cameras and, together with Nikon (Nikon’s best SLRs), is in the dominant position in the SLR market. On the official Canon website you can read about its history and the accessories created.

Best Canon SLRs to buy to get started

Usually the beginner’s budget is very small. For this reason, the cameras that the neophyte buys look more to the value for money. Of course, something like image quality is sacrificed by aiming for these solutions but, to start without spending a lot, these products represent an excellent compromise.

Best Canon SLRs to buy for the advanced amateur photographer

Usually after practicing with an entry level, or a good used camera, the amateur photographer will begin to feel the need to improve their equipment by seeing it as a limit.

There are two possible steps: take the best of aps-C or go to the cheaper Full Frame. This choice will also depend, indeed above all, on the optics that will then be combined with the body.

Best Canon SLRs to buy for those who want the top by spending the right amount

Going further to “level up” we go towards very specific sectors. In this sense, there are often two needs: an excellent camera for dynamic situations or an excellent “all-rounder”. In this sense, the aps-C format has a lot to say when long focal lengths above 200mm are often used.

Best Canon SLRs to buy, the zero compromise solution

As the title says, at this point compromises are certainly the least of the problems. We aim to the maximum in order to consider any photographic genre. Waiting for the new ones Canon 5DsR Mark II the best option is the Canon 5D IV which offers the best of home technology (apart from the flagship but, in that case, we are talking about specialized bodies).

Good light!

Our guide to best Canon SLRs ends here. Continue to follow us on the tuttootek pages and don’t forget to go to the photography section to stay up to date on any news in the sector!