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Best cars for novice drivers | July 2023

Let’s find out together which are the best cars for new drivers in 2020 and the limitations imposed by the Highway Code for correct driving!

All new novice drivers, although they are eager to get behind the wheel and experiment with different types of driving, have to deal with the Highway Code, which imposes rather restrictive constraints on the type of car permitted in terms of displacement e power to weight ratio. These limitations naturally apply to the first year of driving.

In this guide we will try to help you choose the car model that best suits you, taking into account the Driving Restrictions imposed by the Highway Code and at the same time by the most important features that a car may have, such as the poweril comfort eh consume. Let’s analyze now the list of the best cars for new drivers of 2021!

Best cars for novice drivers: the complete list

Also for this month, our selection of cars is reconfirmed as a valid guide, which will direct you towards the best choice for your needs, allowing you to bring home a good quality car that complies with the regulations set by the Highway Code for everyone the novice drivers.

1 – Volkswagen Polo: from 13,950 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

At the top of our ranking of the 10 best cars for novice drivers is the Volkswagen Polo. Berlin 3/5 porte with an overall length of 4.05 meters, the latest version of the Polo, which has undergone a excellent makeover, allows you to take advantage of all the functions, especially multimedia, that we can find on cars in a much larger segment. What stands out to the eye are undoubtedly theaccuracy in the finishes and the quality of the materials used. The trunk is also quite good, able to satisfy the common needs of a family, but it is not excessively large.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

There are several engines available for novice drivers: petrol, diesel and combined petrol-methane. The basic model of the gas features a 3-cylinder engine, 0.999 liters is 65 CV, which consumes little, on average 15 km/litre, and starts at 13,950 euros with the “Trendline” version, up to 18,150 euros in the case of the “Sport”, with 80 HP and BMT (BlueMotion Technology). For lovers of dieselOn the other hand, the 1.6 TDI 4-cylinder can be with 80 or 95 HP and prices start at 17,300 and 19,850 euros respectively, but for super-equipped kits it is necessary to consider around 2,000 euros more. Finally, for those interested in long distances, the diesel is certainly recommended in addition to diesel 1.0 TGI with a price around 20,000 euros.

2 – Fiat Panda: from 11,550 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

The new Fiat Panda it is without a shadow of a doubt an excellent car to be considered among the best cars for beginners. With a length of 3.65 meters, 4 places to sit and a well thought out designthe Panda offers comfort and driving pleasure, disturbed only by a not very large luggage compartment for large families who prefer to carry around a lot of stuff.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

The engines granted to novice drivers are the gasoline 1.2 69 CVtypical of the “City Cross”, “Pop” and Easy” versions, ei bifuel with LPG and methanewhich definitely allow you to save a lot on long runs. On the other hand, the 1.3 MJT turbodiesel should be discarded, which certainly offers excellent torque (200 Nm at 1500 rpm), but exceeds the limitations set by the CdS for novice drivers.

3 – Ford Ka+ 1.2 70 HP: from 10,500 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

In third place of “The best cars for novice drivers” we find the Ford Ka+a great little car, which focuses entirely on substance without making us give up the prestige of a brand that has always been synonymous with seriousness and reliability. The aesthetics are positively surprising, in fact the Ka looks like one nice utilitarian 2-door with a youthful and cheeky style. The length of 3.94 meters also makes it excellent for those who often travel around town, without having to sacrifice in terms of space and habitability. The Ka is strictly derived from the old Fiesta, and takes many positive sides from that car, including the five standard seats and a boot which nevertheless maintains a good capacityconsidering the type of car. The assemblies, materials and finishes are undoubtedly convincing and one has the feeling of being on awell built car.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

Only the petrol performance disappoints a bit: the 1.2-litre 70 HP engine relies entirely on economy and does not favor spirited driving. However it is available the diesel 1.5 95 bhp, but prices go up by at least €3,000 e it cannot be driven by novice drivers. Having said that, the car still offers good performance, but let’s forget burning shots: better to focus on relaxed driving, which will allow you to approach the 20 Km/l declared by Ford. this car, very honest and reliable, represents an intelligent choice that does not make you give up a premium brand. Just keep an eye on the basic set-up, which does not include the air conditioner: better think about it if we often travel with the family or with animals on board, perhaps in the summer. We could take advantage of it to upgrade and perhaps even to choose a particular colour, which can make us gain a lot in terms of aesthetics and appeal. Of course, the equipment upgrade will not be painless in economic terms. As always, the advice is to think carefully about what is really needed in daily use.

4 – Dacia Sandero: from 7,450 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

Among the main positive sides of this car there are certainly the generous size and theyouthful aesthetics. Derived from the Renault Clio, the Sandero offers habitability a family proof and finishes now in step with the times and with a robust appearance. Driving safety, both active and passive, is also very good, in step with the competition and this is certainly not an aspect to be overlooked. Inside, the space for people both in front and behind is more than adequate, ditto for luggage and this makes this car also suitable for motorway travel.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

Speaking of the motorization for novice drivers, the Sandero can be chosen with the 75 HP 1.5 turbodiesel enginewhile that a gas is available with displacement of 1 litre, 3-cylinder engine and power of 73 HP.

5 – Skoda Citigo 1.0 Active: 10,290 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

A small car with decidedly compact dimensions but with far from cheap quality. There Skoda Citigo, in fact, shares most of the components with the “sisters” Volkswagen Up and Seat Mii, compared to which it can boast a more advantageous list price. In his 3.60 meters can host 4 people and a decidedly modest amount of luggage, which can only increase significantly if we travel in two. Also, don’t settle for just version a three doorssince the a is also available cinque starting from 10.800 €.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

Il motor three-cylinder, petrol-powered, with displacement Of 999 liters and horsepower Of 60 CV, it turns out brilliant and always ready: as usual, don’t expect burning shots but we will still be able to count on the right panache in every situation, even when fully loaded, thanks to the lightness of the car. Internally the space is well organised and the particular shape of the bodywork, very squared, does not create particular problems of habitability even for tall people. The quality of the materials is goodas well as the assemblages, and in general the interiors are presented with a very simple but pleasant style. Only flaw: if we want to listen to some music while we drive, we will have to purchase the radio separately, for which we still have the standard predisposition. Beware of special packages and arrangements: they can be very tasty but they charge and could cost much more than expected!

6 – Lancia Ypsilon: from 13,600 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

Continuing in our ranking of the “10 best cars for novice drivers” we find the Launch Ypsiloncar compact, chic e pleasant to drive. Elegant and practical at the same time thanks to the well thought out design, this sedan is available with both three than with five doors and boasts of a wide range of multimedia accessories.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

It is a highly recommended car especially for city and chaotic routes, as, thanks to its unobtrusive dimensionsIt’s easy to handle and easy to park. Be careful though, because the diesel model encounters difficulties in regenerating the particulate filter in urban areas, so it is advisable to buy it with this engine only if you need to use it on long journeys. Regarding the versions available for novice driversremember those with petrol engines 1.2 with 69 HP, the 85 HP TwinAir Turbo with dual fuel methane petrolil diesel 95 bhp 1.3 Multijet and the a Gplbased on the 69 horsepower 1.2 petrol.

7 – Opel Corsa: from 15,550 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

In our ranking of the best cars for novice drivers of 2020, the new one certainly could not be missing Vauxhall Corsa 5 doorscar agile, safe, pleasant to drivecharacterized by a new design it’s a perfect optimization of multimedia commands, perhaps the best in category. The trunk has an ideal capacity for the common needs of a family, but naturally not too large.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

As for i engines for novice drivers, the only one available is the gas with a displacement of 1.2 liters and a power of 55 kW (75 HP). THE consume they are quite good, about 25 km/litre in a mixed route declared by the manufacturer.

8 – Citroen C3: from 12,800 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

Continuing in our ranking of the 10 best cars for novice drivers, we find the new one Citroen C3characterized by a original look, which recalls the style of the Cactus, but with smaller and more comfortable dimensions for those who have to drive it in the city. Even the interior is not bad, with the right space side by side quality some materials. For young photography lovers, the Connected Cam, i.e. a camera placed on the windshield and useful for sharing photos and videos on your favorite social networks. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, the Cam records the 30 seconds before and 60 after the crash.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

The engines for novice drivers are the gaswhich provides for a 1.2-litre displacement, with power outputs of 68 and 82 HP, and the bifuel benzina-Gpl 1.5 with a price starting from 15,800 euros.

9 – Toyota Yaris Hybrid: from 19,950 euros | Best cars for novice drivers

Another car to consider is the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, which represents the best-selling hybrid model in Italy and abroad. Featuring a motor with spark ignition powered by petrol and with power equal to 101 HPalso boasts a electric power train and their combined use allows you to travel 100 km with just 3.3 liters of fuel. The basic version is available at 19,950 euros, but a total of 23,300 euros can be reached for the “Red Edition”, “Bronze Edition”, “Blue Edition” and “White Edition” versions, i.e. the super-equipped ones.

Best cars for novice drivers |  July 2023

With a displacement of 1,497 cubic dm, 4 cylinders in line and available both…