Migliori auto nuove economiche sotto 20.000 euro

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros | July 2023

How many times have we thought that too much money is needed to buy a car that satisfies our needs, while also gratifying our passion? Well, that’s not quite true: here are the 10 best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros, definitely affordable but high quality and pleasant to drive. Surprised? So let’s run to see them in detail!

If you need a car that is reliable and robust, that consumes little fuel and perhaps is also spacious, to travel comfortably with the whole family, there is certainly no shortage of choice. However, the budget to be taken into account will be important, especially if we want a car that is also aesthetically pleasing and perhaps brilliant in terms of performance. And here’s the problem: your budget may not be that generous. But don’t worry! There are cars that meet all these requirements and which, despite being utilitarian, can accompany you on your travels for many years, without making you forget the driving pleasure and without taking away the satisfaction of driving a car with a personal and pleasant look. So, if you plan to change your old car, perhaps to go on vacation, you could find the one that’s right for you among the 10 best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros. Because finding a good car at an affordable price isn’t just a matter of sacrifices at all: it’s enough to reflect objectively on your needs and know how to choose. And this selection is made to help you out!

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Best cheap new cars under $20,000

Also for this month, our selection of cars is reconfirmed as a valid guide, which will direct you towards the best choice for your needs, allowing you to take home a high quality car without spending a fortune. Let us now analyze in detail the classification of the 10 best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros!

1 – Volkswagen Polo | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

In first place in our ranking of the 10 best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros is the Volkswagen Polo. 3/5-door saloon with an overall length of 4.05 metres, the latest version of the Polo, which underwent a excellent makeover, allows you to take advantage of all the functions, especially multimedia, that we can find on cars in a much larger segment. What stands out to the eye are without a doubt the accuracy in the finishes and the quality of the materials employees. The trunk is also quite good, able to satisfy the common needs of a family, but it is not excessively large.

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros |  July 2023

There are several engines: petrol, diesel and combined petrol-methane. The basic petrol model has a 3-cylinder engine, 0.999 liters and 65 HP, which consumes little, on average 15 km/litre, and starts at 13,950 euros with the “Trendline” version, up to 21,950 euros in the case of the “Highline”, with 115 HP and BMT (BlueMotion Technology). For lovers of dieselOn the other hand, the 1.6 TDI 4-cylinder can be with 80 or 95 HP and prices start at 17,300 and 19,850 euros respectively, but for super-equipped kits it is necessary to consider around 2,000 euros more. Finally, for those interested in long distances, in addition to diesel, the 1.0 TGI with a price around 20,000 euros.

2 – FordFiesta | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

The latest generation of Ford Fiesta it certainly recalls the previous one, even if this time we are dealing with a slightly longer car, in particular it reaches 4.07 metres. The main innovations include the dashboard with a 6.5″ displaywhich looks like a tablet, and well finished interior. The car is available with both 3 than 5 doorsboasts a good comfort but it is not suitable for too large families.

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros |  July 2023

The model should be taken into consideration 1.5 TDCi (Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection) from 120 HP, which supports a important power al driving pleasure and guarantees reduced consumption. In the case of the gashowever, the engine is a 1.1-litre 3-cylinder with 70 or 85 HPbut there is also the version EcoBoost with 1 liter displacement and power ratings of 100, 125 and 140 HP. Another plus point is offered by supercharging: the small turbo makes it possible to have a snappy car. To stay below 20,000 euros, we recommend the Plus sui trim level 18.000 euroboth petrol and diesel, or the ST-Line, sportier model, a 20.000 €. Also, with 18.250 € the “Titanium” version is also available, characterized by numerous accessories.

3 – Toyota Yaris | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

In third place in our ranking of the 10 best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros we find the Toyota Yaris Hybridwhich represents the best-selling hybrid model in Italy and abroad. Characterized by a spark ignition engine powered by petrol and with power equal to 101 HPalso boasts an electric powertrain and their combined use allows you to travel 100 km with just 3.3 liters of fuel. The basic version is available at 19.500 eurobut a total of 23,300 euros can be reached for the “Red Edition”, “Bronze Edition”, “Blue Edition” and “White Edition” versions, i.e. the super-equipped ones.

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros |  July 2023

With a displacement of 1,497 cubic dm, 4 cylinders in line and available with both 3 and 5 doorsthe Yaris Hybrid is a sedan that delivers high reliability and at the same time it is a lot convenient for those who use the car every day in the citygiven that it is possible to recharge the battery through braking, obviously gradual, thanks to which the energy is recycled and converted into electricity.

4 – Fiat Tipo | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

With the new Fiat Tipo we are facing a sedan available in versions a 4 and 5 doorsplus the model Station. It is a spacious car, simple to drive, safe on the road, but the 5-door version, which it offers, is undoubtedly suitable for a family high comfort and greater attention to detail. The Tipo is available with both petrol engine1.4 95 bhp and 1.4 T-jet (supercharged) 120 bhp, with the latter only for the 5-door, which turbodiesel Multijet1.3 with 95 CV and 1.6 with 120 CV.

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros |  July 2023

Gasoline prices start from 14,800 euros for the 4-doorwhile for the version with the tailgate we must consider at least 3.000 euro more. However, the recommended model is the 1.6 turbodiesel Mjt with 120 bhp which allows you to save on consumption: the 4p boasts 20 km/l on the main roads against the 24 km/l offered by the 5pbut the prices are respectively of 19.900 € e 21.000 € to go up and depending on the model chosen. As for the Tipo Stationthe particularity concerns the trunk, which reaches about 500 liters: to stay under 20,000 euros, however, you must choose exclusively the petrol engine, as the diesel starts at 21,000 euros.

5 – Citroen C3 | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

Continuing in our ranking of the 10 best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros, we find the new one Citroen C3, characterized by an original look, which recalls the style of the Cactus, but with smaller and more comfortable dimensions for those who have to drive it in the city. Even the interior is not bad, with the right space side by side quality some materials. For young photography lovers, the Connected Cam, i.e. a camera placed on the windshield and useful for sharing photos and videos on your favorite social networks. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, the Cam records the 30 seconds before and 60 after the crash.

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros |  July 2023

The most recommended engines are the supercharged petrolwhich provides for a 1.2 liter displacement, a maximum power of 110 HP and a minimum cost of 17.900 euroand the diesel 1.5 with 102 HP and price starting from 17.100 euro.

6 – Mazda 2 | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

Another car to take into consideration is certainly the Mazda 2auto agile, comfortable, well finished and comfortable at a moderate pace, but beware of high speeds. Furthermore, it can be equipped with theHead-up displaywhich is something rare for cars of this size. A negative note may be the size of the luggage compartment of 290 litres, below the standards of competing cars.

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros |  July 2023

Il engine is exclusively petrol with a displacement of 1.5 liters and 4 cylinders in linebut it can vary according to the maximum power: in fact, the 75 CVil 90 CV and the 115 CV. As for prices, they start with the basic version at 14,400 euros, up to 19,350 euros for the full optional 115 HP.

7 – Hyundai i20 5p | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

In seventh place in our ranking of the best economic cars under 20,000 euros we have the Hyundai i20sedan available only in the version 5 porte with the possibility to choose the dual clutch gearbox (DCT, Dual Clutch Transmission), which allows for high shifting speed and at the same time to maintain good fluidity in the transmission of torque and power. Another positive note is offered by the package Hyundai Smart Sensewhich includes numerous hi-tech features such as automatic emergency braking, driver fatigue detection and main beam management.

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros |  July 2023

As for the prices, these fluctuate around 16.000 € if you choose the classic petrol engine, whose displacement is 1.2 litres, but for the turbos you have to consider at least 18.500 euro.

8 – Peugeot 2008 | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

With the Peugeot 2008 we are dealing with a different type of car: an SUV with a new restyling compared to the previous version, silent, which guarantees comfort for large families. Among the most important features is theabsence of the 4×4replaced by a front-wheel drive with system Grip Controlwhich, thanks to the on-board electronics, makes it possible to optimize traction on uneven ground with snow or mud. Furthermore, there is theActive City Brakewhich keeps the vehicle under control at low speed, intervening to avoid rear-end collisions.

Best cheap new cars under 20,000 euros |  July 2023

For what concern motoryou can choose between the 1.2 turbo petrol, 3 cylinders and powers of 83 and 110 HP with base prices respectively 18.180 € (while stocks last) e 19.800 €and the 1.5 BlueHDi turbodiesel (High Pressure Direct Injection, i.e. supercharged with direct injection of diesel), which is really excellent for long journeys but requires an extra addition of money that leads to over €20,000.

9 – Seat Arona | Best cheap new cars under $20,000

In ninth place we find the Seat Arona, compact crossover and slightly taller (11 cm) than the Ibiza. And the perfect car for four adultsnot more,…