Best Clothing Sites | September 2021

Nowadays you really buy (almost) everything online. Even clothes can now be bought on the web! But where to buy them? Here is a guide to the best clothing sites!

As anticipated in this guide we will find out which are the best sites to buy clothes. We will not limit ourselves to making a list of online stores that focus on clothing. We will dig deep to give you as much information as possible to be able yourself to perceive which clothing shopping sites are best for you.

Best clothing sites: the basics

Obviously each clothing site has its own style and therefore we will try to make the article as varied as possible. One important thing though to recognize the best clothing sites resides in some essential points. One above all is there payment security. Being able to be calm in paying and having the certainty that our credit cards are not cloned, I think it is a much more than fundamental point. Better still if you can pay with the cash on delivery method.

The first general advice is to use prepaid cards, not only if you decide to buy clothing. Although the focus of this article concerns the purchase of clothes, it would be a good idea to use a prepaid card such as PostePay (to name one) to make every purchase on the web.

Although computer security has made great strides in recent years, I advise you not to provide the data of a card with too large a credit limit.

Obviously another point of fundamental importance is that there is the possibility of simply return the purchased item if it is not the right size or defective.

No less important is to have pre and post purchase assistance from the site chosen to make our clothing purchases.

Amazon – Best Clothing Sites

Best Clothing Sites |  September 2021

The first of best sites to buy clothes online that I recommend is Amazon. If you surf the internet and shop online, you will surely know this store. You may not know though that the online sales giant in question also boasts a huge choice of clothes for men, women, children, girls and even has a section for the little ones called Bebé.

In short, the choice is not lacking in this which turns out to be one of the best clothing sites. As previously said, however, safety comes first and in this I can assure you that the US giant is unrivaled! As indeed in the other criteria that we have imposed on ourselves, but let’s go step by step.

To be able to buy on Amazon you will need a credit card but a prepaid card is also fine. The fact of being able to use a prepaid card is not to be underestimated at all. In fact, if you use a rechargeable card you can transfer the exact credit of your purchase to it. In doing so, if some attacker wanted to “attack” your card, he would be left with a dry mouth as the balance after the purchase would be zero (or almost). Having said that Amazon boasts one of the best cybersecurity systems currently in use, consequently you can make your purchases in total tranquility.

As a second cornerstone we have made it possible for the return to be possible but also simple to carry out. Also for the return this site to buy clothes is phenomenal. You can indeed return your item of clothing within 30 days from the order without providing any explanation. By doing so you can choose whether to have a monetary refund or the replacement of the item.

The return can be made in several ways. You can choose whether to take the package to the post office or if have the courier arrive at home for collection. If you choose the first solution, the collection will be completely free, in the second case it could cost you a small fee.

Other small advantages

As for delivery times, Amazon is generally very fast and delivery is free if the figure of 19 euros is exceeded. You can reduce these costs and have an even faster delivery if you decide to subscribe to the Amazon Prime service. In addition to the advantages listed above (no shipping costs on selected products and even faster delivery) you will also have included the possibility to see the contents included in Prime Video. If you want to learn more, you can take a look at our guide dedicated to the best movies to see on Prime Video. Obviously, Amazon is not only one of the best clothing sites, so I invite you to take a look at it in general.

Also the assistance service is excellent. You will be able to chat or talk to friendly operators, prepared and able to help you without problems.

Zalando – Best clothing sites

Best Clothing Sites |  September 2021

The second of the best sites to buy clothes online that I can recommend is Zalando. Having become famous for its huge variety of shoes, Zalando soon became known also for the sale of clothes. In fact, in the store we find the choice between Woman, Man and Child in the macro categories. Later you can “refine your search” with a series of filters that can help you find what you need in total ease.

In fact, you can choose between the various types of style or use the various drop-down menus to choose between accessories, clothing, shoes or much more. In a nutshell you will have just a click away a real clothing store stocked with everything also of bags and shoes or any other accessory for clothing. I leave the rest to your desire for discovery and your curiosity.

Also on this store we find the possibility to pay by credit card or prepaid card. Unlike Amazon though it is also possible to pay with PayPal. If here too the IT security service allows us to make purchases in total peace of mind, in this portal the possibility of using PayPal is a further injection of trust for consumers.

If you don’t like online payment systems on this online clothing store cash on delivery can also be used as a payment method. In short, you pay the courier upon delivery of the goods.

We are also really facilitated for the return. In fact, on Zalando there is the possibility to return your purchase within 100 days from the order. Returns can be made via Poste Italiane or by relying on the SDA courier.

As for their help center we are ahead of staff (Call-Center) very helpful and prepared.

Privalia – Best clothing sites

Best Clothing Sites |  September 2021

The third of the best sites to buy clothes online that I recommend is Privalia. As with the clothing sites seen above, the watchword is quality. On this site it will be possible to buy clothes but also accessories in total simplicity with a wide choice. Obviously, however, to be one of the best clothing sites it must respect the criteria we have set ourselves, let’s see together how this marketplace behaves.

Let’s start by saying that this site is a bit different from the ones we’ve seen so far. As with the sites to buy clothes previously seen, a registration is required. The big difference lies in the way of “stocking” and approaching the buyers. In fact, Privalia offers very important discounts on its goods but speed is king.

If on the sites to buy clothes we talked about previously the goods are there for very long periods or even until they are produced, on this online store the offers vary day by day and even hour by hour. The offers follow very flexible times and you can decide to be notified by subscribing to the mail list. You can also decide to make your purchases via the App, if you prefer.

The payment is also safe this time thanks to the possibility to choose the most convenient method to pay. Privalia gives the possibility of pay by credit card, rechargeable or with PayPal.

Payment is ok, but the rest?

For what concern made there are no problems whatsoever. Just get in touch with customer service to make the return in total tranquility. You can choose whether to get a refund (via the payment method used) or to replace the item with a different size (if your problem results in having chosen a larger or smaller size).

As anticipated, customer service is ready and prepared. That’s why we would like to say that this store can also be included in our list of the best clothing sites.

Mec Shopping – Best clothing sites

Best Clothing Sites |  September 2021

The fourth of the best sites to buy clothes online that I can recommend is Mec Shopping. This site for buying clothes looks a lot like Zalando. The multiple filters will allow you to choose the right item of clothing made just for you. Unlike the more well-known site just mentioned, here i prices are slightly lower but there is also a rich and varied catalog of garments for every taste.

A small flaw lies in the shipping cost. Unlike sites like Amazon where you only need to spend 19 euros to have free shipping on this site, the minimum cost is 50 euros. It is true that when you buy clothes it is very easy to reach this figure very quickly but in any case it seems right to point out the thing.

Regarding the payment, nothing to complain. In fact it is possible to choose whether pay by credit card, prepaid card or with PayPal.

Also for the return we are in front of a good compromise. Although we are far from three months (and more) of Zalando, we still have 15 days to return our purchase.

Best Clothing Sites |  September 2021

Best clothing sites, see you next month!

That’s all for this month but remember to come back to this article, as it will be updated on a monthly basis (and with some extra updates). I also recommend that you use the comment box to let us know which one is the best clothing site for you and why. The most useful tips will certainly take part in our article.

I also remind you to stay tuned on the pages so as not to miss the best articles on the web world and beyond!