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Best console to buy | April 2021

Choosing the best console to buy is never easy. Indecision can play tricks, the desire to make the right choice must not be prevailed by haste. That is why we have decided to give you some useful advice

When it comes to consoles, it’s easy to get confused: Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One e Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS e his “little brother” 2DS, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and so on and so forth. Choose the best console to buy right now it is not an easy matter.

Latest update notes on the best console to buy

The console market is now a wild jungle full of pitfalls. Below we list the reasons to take into consideration to buy the best console according to your needs.

How to choose the best console to buy right now, without making mistakes

Before making a choice it is necessary to evaluate some factors. Does the console you are buying fully reflect your needs? Will you use it alone or in a group? Usually these two pieces of information are required to direct you to the best console to buy for you.

Almost all the new generation consoles are adapted to the single player, but one of them stands out for the game in company. I mean Nintendo Switch, a console created for the single player but which shows great potential in company. Nintendo has always focused heavily on party games, video games for families and adventures to be enjoyed in company. Obviously without neglecting the video games that can be enjoyed in single. In addition, the new Nintendo Switch gives the possibility to entertain the player even on the go. It follows that, if you need it, you can continue your gaming sessions even outside the home.

Basically if you are a game lover Nintendo, if you love party games or if you want to give the console as a gift, Nintendo Switch is the answer to your question.

PlayStation 5, the new candidate

The latest addition to the consoles of Sony, PlayStation 5 is a valid candidate for the first position of the podium of the best console to buy. Thanks to backward compatibility with almost the entire catalog of PlayStation 4, the huge white monolith perfectly embodies the ideal of a gaming platform of excellence. In addition to being able to exploit thelarge stock of titles which has been able to guarantee PlayStation 4 the absolute record in sales for a long time, the new console from Sony focuses on the controller DualSense and its haptic feedback. If you are looking for a gaming experience immersiva and engaging then PlayStation 5 could just be for you. In addition, on the new Sony platform you will have the opportunity to see loading times totally cut down. Thanks to the new powerful SSD, the console is in fact able to guarantee you almost lightning-fast access to games. You can also access these directly from the completely redesigned dashboard compared to the previous generation.

Sony’s new console aims to offer users a fully optimized experience for 4K resolution. In short, the framerate of the various games that run on the machine is much more stable and higher than the Pro version of PlayStation 4. At the moment, as if that were not enough, by purchasing PlayStation 5 and a subscription to the PS Plus service, you will automatically have access to the PS Plus. Collection. This is a collection of the best blockbuster titles of the past generation. You can download them all, you just need to be registered to the service PS More.

PlayStation 5: with or without optical drive?

We come to the great PlayStation 5 dilemma with or without optical reader? Sony’s new console is offered in two variants, classic and digital edition, without a blu-ray disc player. The second will allow you to save 100 euros on the list price. As for the rest of the features, the consoles are perfectly alike in everything. Essentially here you will have to listen to yours natural preference. If by now physical edition games are the stuff of a history book then you will automatically opt for the Digital Edition. On the contrary, if you are a lover of physical versions or if you have always had one very slow internet connection and for you to download hundreds of giga is equivalent to torture, then you just have to opt for the classic version of PlayStation 5.

On the other hand, however, on the logical level, beyond the preferences, there is to consider the fact that the physical versions of the titles can be resold contrary to digital. Similarly, it is also true, however, that Sony has long been pushing users towards the variants in download by offering particularly advantageous discounts on the PS Store. Moreover, thanks to the aforementioned PS Plus Collection, you will not need a digital player to enjoy the old titles you are fond of.

PlayStation 4 has long been the best console to buy

Unlike the Nintendo console, PlayStation 4 it is undoubtedly a gaming peripheral less suited to party games. Although the latest additions wink at group games, this console is undoubtedly devoted to solo players. Don’t get my words wrong: obviously you can play in multiplayer, though it will hardly be possible to do it locally. In fact, excluding sports titles, there are very few video games that allow multiple players to enjoy a video game in the same room. Sony.

The Sony catalog then includes a huge choice of videogames, including perhaps the best exclusives available in this seventh generation of gaming. If the console recipient in the past had a PlayStation 3 I would feel comfortable recommending a Sony console again. Many of the historical sagas, which saw the light on the PlayStation console prior to the last version, can be found on the PlayStation 4.

Best console between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro?

But be careful when it comes to PlayStation 4. Right now, in fact, there is a more advanced version of the console: let’s talk about PlayStation 4 Pro. For those who are not in the industry or are not passionate, it is difficult to understand which of the two versions best suits our needs. Before talking about the differences, however, I would like to make a clarification: the two consoles offer the exact same video game catalog.

The substantial difference lies in the quality with which they can be reproduced on the screen. PlayStation 4 Pro in fact gives the possibility, not in all video games, to use the resolution of the 4K and the system HDR (if you want to deepen this section you can do it in this review).

Consequently, if you want “the best”, the latest version of the Sony console is a must.

Xbox Series X, the great from Microsoft has some aces at its disposal

The new console of Microsoft he has some absolutely winning cards on his side. In this guide it will be useless to indulge in technicalities of the various already show specific. These are purely ephemeral issues. It will certainly not be 3 frames per second more in favor in some cases and 3 less in some others to make the difference between Series X and PS5. What matters much more is the total backward compatibility with all Xbox and Xbox 360 titles already compatible with Xbox One. In addition, the new console is also compatible with the entire stock of its predecessor. The bill is quickly done: thousands of games will be available to you on Microsoft’s new machine. In terms of backward compatibility, the console from the Redmond house undoubtedly prevails.

Moreover, the other great workhorse of the new platform is the subscription Game Pass, Microsoft’s flagship. This, in exchange for a decidedly sum modica, will allow you to access a selection of games that currently matter more than 100 units and is updated every month with lots of Microsoft exclusives. In other words, you will always have something to play by spending the least. If you like the model Netflix and you want save, undoubtedly, this is an option to consider.

Xbox Series S, the next-gen for everyone

The next-gen according to Microsoft cannot ignore the small one of the house, Xbox Series S. Also in this case, the most “contained” of the new gaming platforms, boasts exclusive points in favor. First of all, it could not be otherwise, the price. Per 299,99 euro you will have your one way ticket to next-gen destination. This is a possibility that has never occurred before in the entire videogame history. Second Series S Pro: The dimensions. You know, even those count. PS5, for example, is a kind of cyclops that will clutter up furniture and desks, perhaps too much.

On the contrary, with its 275 mm high, 63.5 mm wide by 151 mm thick, Series S easily adapts to any type of space. Last point in favor: the console offers you all, or almost all, of the advantages listed above talking about Series X, for 200 euros less. The little one from Microsoft also seems like the perfect choice for those who have decided to buy PS5 and wants to enjoy (spending the minimum) also the exclusive of the house of Redmond not having the ability to purchase a gaming PC.

Xbox One, another great console

As for the home console from Microsoft, the speech does not differ much from that made for PlayStation 4. If the person to whom the console is intended has played until the last generation with exclusive Xbox titles, loving them, he will probably be very happy to be able to continue the adventures begun in the last generation. In this case, however, there is a necessary clarification: those who own a PC suitable for video games can take advantage of Xbox titles on it as well. Consequently, the owners of a PC da gaming who want a console to complement their videogame ecosystem should, in my opinion, choose between one of the previous consoles mentioned (PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch).

At Microsoft, the choices for the best console to buy at the moment do not change

Another clarification to make about the Microsoft game world is that the infamous has arrived Xbox One X, a more powerful version of the Xbox One. The improvements will be clearly visible and important for fans. In fact, the resolution passed from Full HD al 4K. Obviously the price of the standard console has undergone a price cut, so it’s up to you to carefully evaluate what your desires, your needs and what your budget is. If you are interested in learning more about the consoles in 4K you can read this deepening.

There is another console at Microsoft, namely the slim version of the Xbox One: Xbox One S. It does not bring many improvements compared to its older sister: the substantial differences are the size and the possibility of having an optical reader in 4K.

Even in this …

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