Best controllers for PS4 | October 2021

While the world is on its ears waiting for PlayStation 5 news, the current console gen is far from dying. For this reason, we’re here today to bring you our guide to the best PS4 controllers available on the market

Have you smashed your DualShock 4 controller after yet another defeat at Fifa? Do you want to make the leap in quality by switching to a pad that does justice to your potential as a pro player? Don’t worry, we’re here to rush to your rescue with our list of best controllers for PlayStation 4 currently available on the market!


In recent years, the console market has seen the emergence of more and more third-party gadgets and alternatives to home hardware Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Meeting the needs of both fans looking for economic alternatives, and more refined ones looking for the perfect pad for their gaming sessions, third-party controllers have sprung up like mushrooms on the market, offering today a good choice to users. To help you in your choice, in case you are looking for a new pad for your PlayStation, today we offer you our guide on the best controllers for PS4. Let’s begin!

Best Controllers for PS4 |  October 2021

Nacon Asymmetric – Best controllers for PS4

Let’s start with the cheapest on our list, but by no means the least valid. The Nacon Asymmetric represents a very valid alternative (at the same price) to the original Sony DualShock 4 controllers. Despite the lack of lights (except a small central LED) and mappable controls, it is still a good choice for those who do not want to spend too much while remaining satisfied.

The asymmetrical design of the keys in full style Xbox it is ergonomically comfortable and pleasant as well as the rear triggers, solid to the touch and reactive. The receiver Bluethoot necessary to use the controller can be connected to both your PlayStation 4 and yours PC, making it a good choice for PC users as well. At the bottom of the pad is the usual mini-jack combo and the average battery life is 7 hours. The price, currently, fluctuates between 40 and 50 euros. Really not bad.

Best Controllers for PS4 |  October 2021

Nacon Revolution Pro – Best PS4 Controllers

Let’s stay in the Nacon house with this second pad: the Revolution Pro. This pad is slightly more refined than the previous one both for design and for “feeling” with the user. The design (also asymmetrical here) is drawn on the model of the pad of Xbox One, however, leaving space for the usual touchpad in the center. Unlike the Nacon Asymmetric, here the controller keys are fully mappable.

The analog sticks are precise and responsive, the keys respond very well to pressure and the “matte” finish of the material gives it a excellent grip even after prolonged gaming sessions. This pad is not wireless, but equipped with cable (so no autonomy problem) and the rear keys reveal themselves particularly useful in the macro configuration. Finally, the controller is sold with a kit of interchangeable weights, to make it perfectly balanced (how everything should be). The price currently hovers around 90 euros.

Best Controllers for PS4 |  October 2021

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 – Best Controllers for PS4

We end the Nacon family with the flagship controller of the house: the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro V3. This controller offers total control over the gaming experience, with customization never seen before. On this pad it is possible to adjust the weight, length and size of the analog sticks, the sensitivity of the triggers and set custom profiles for the user. Here too we find ourselves in front of a semi-clone of the Xbox One pad, but the ergonomics and the grip conferred by the materials definitely place it on another level.

As mentioned, you can set up to four profiles which can be quickly switched from the back of the controller. From here you can adjust the sensitivity of the levers, reverse them, calibrate the sensitivity of the triggers, the intensity of the vibration and last but not least change the color of the LED ring surrounding the right stick. For the rest, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 retains all the pros of its cheaper counterpart, with the addition of the wireless component. To take it home, you have to go slightly over the top the ceiling of 100 euros.

Best controllers for PS4 |  October 2021

Razer Raiju Tournament Edition – Best Controllers for PS4

If you are looking for perfection, this controller might be for you. The components of the Razer Raiju, once again, are designed on the layout of the Xbox One pad, as well as the layout of the controls. Although it may seem uncomfortable or in any case less ergonomic than the pads seen previously, do not be fooled by appearances: this controller reveals itself precise, solid and incredibly versatile.

As already mentioned, the levers and keys are designed on the layout of the Microsoft home controllers, but they turn out to be much more pleasant and responsive to tactile feedback. Darts are separate, instead of being arranged on a single plate as on the previous pads. The analog sticks are well calibrated, the spring-loaded touchpad is comfortable and pleasant to the touch and the triggers seem to have the right sensitivity. In addition, Razer has included a mechanism that allows you to switch between the full stroke of the triggers to a shorter and more reactive one, perfect for rapid fire of the shooters. There are four mappable keys (two on the lower back, two on the back). The price of this controller is in line with that of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro V3, and it represents a very valid alternative to those who don’t have time to waste in long configuration sessions to prove themselves the best!

Best Controllers for PS4 |  October 2021

Scuf Impact – Best PS4 Controllers

We close this guide with an apparently unknown but respectable brand. Famous for its alternatives to standards and its customization products, Scuf has applied the company’s guideline to its flagship pad: the Scuf Impact. Equipped with numerous features to customize your gaming sessions, this controller proves to be the most ductile, versatile and highly customizable. First, in the box you can find interchangeable analog sticks of three different sizes and shapes, and the system “ring lock” allows you to change them quickly and easily.

The keys on this controller are fully assignable (which is why no symbols or indications of any kind appear on the pad) and display truly incredible feedback to the touch. The layout this time remains that of the PlayStation 4 pad, with the difference that we find well on the back of the controller four fully customizable triggers. The anti-slip texture makes it pleasant to the touch and gives it a perfect grip. Finally, Scuf allows you to completely customize the aesthetics of the controller before purchase, allowing you to choose between numerous styles and colors. The only downside to this pad, besides the design that not everyone might like, is the price: currently, the lowest recorded price is 149.99 euros.

Best Controllers for PS4 |  October 2021

Let’s sum it up

Well friends, in summary our selection includes these controllers:

  • Nacon Asymmetric, excellent compromise between affordable price and quality
  • Nacon Revolution Pro, a step above the Asymmetric complete with interchangeable weights (equipped with cable)
  • Razer Raiju, ideal for those who aspire to pro gaming without too many frills
  • Scuf Impact, the most customizable but also the most expensive
  • Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro V3, very high quality at an honest price

These were our best controllers for Ps4. Let us know in the comments if you agree with our choice or have some other viable alternative we have forgotten about! In the meantime, we invite you to stay updated on for the latest news on hardware, video games and much more from the gaming world. Bye!