Valkyrae launches its skincare cream and is immediately controversial

Valkyrae lancia la sua crema skincare ed è subito polemica thumbnail

Rachell “ValkyraeHofstetter has just launched his cream line skincare specially designed to protect the skin from the effects of blue light, to which the body is often subject if we spend most of our day in front of a screen. The cream is called RFLCT and has been in development for about two years at Ideavation Labs and its launch was not without controversy.

Valkyrae launches its skincare cream

The collection, launched on October 19, currently consists of five core products, each of which, says Hofstetter, possesses a unique blend that guarantees the Blue Light Prevention Factor specially designed to block blue light. While we’re not aware of the exact ingredients, cosmetic chemist Ginger King makes it clear that “only iron oxides, titanium dioxide and carotenoids have the ability to fight blue light,” so RFLCT is likely to contain some of these. components.

Although not specified anywhere, these products are clearly aimed at gamers, as the description states that they are ideal for anyone who spends many hours in front of a screen. However, not everyone has welcomed this new line of facial products. A part of users in fact triggered a controversy, pointing out that many studies have proven that the effects of blue light are actually minimal on the eyes and skin.

Just to cite an example, Dr. Ludger Kolbe, chief photobiology scientist from Beiersdorf explained: “the amount of artificial blue light emitted during conventional use of electronic devices is nowhere near sufficient to trigger harmful effects on the skin” and that “compared to the natural blue light emissions of the sun, those of artificial blue light are practically imperceptible “.

Despite the criticism, RFLCT seems to have been received quite positively by the streamer’s fans, even if precise sales numbers have not yet been shared.