Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See | March 2021

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

Disney Plus is a new streaming platform that brings together the most successful content from the Disney, Pixar, National Geografic, Marvel and Star Wars brands. But what are the truly unmissable contents of this platform? We have selected the best Disney Plus movies for you to watch!

Before starting, it should be noted that the following list of the best movies to see on Disney Plus is not classified but numbered randomly. All the contents on this list are equally valid, especially considering the different genres they belong to. It will be up to the spectator to choose, among those listed below, the films that best suit your personal tastes. However, the advice is to give each of these contents a chance without being influenced by prejudices of any kind, trust me you will not regret it!

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

Best Disney Plus Movies To See

Let’s find out which are currently the best films to see on Disney Plus. Different genres, some news, a lot of quality.

We invite you to report in the comments which in your opinion are the best films on Disney Plus and why they impressed you so much.

10. Fantasy | Best Disney Plus TV series

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

Fantasia is a 1940 film born from the meeting between two great artists, Leopold Stokowsky and Walt Disney. The film itself was original and innovative, a truly sui generis musical. The protagonist is Mickey Mouse, the plot that of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Paul Dukas and the soundtrack the splendid interpretations of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maestro Stokowsky. Initially born as a short, the project expanded to become a real feature film.

The film entered the history of cinema for a particular reason: it was the first stereophonic film in history, compared to films and cinemas up to that moment monophonic. An authentic piece of antiques, a forerunner of today’s cinema.

9. Up | Best Disney Plus Movies

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

It is 1939 and Carl Fredricksen is a child who dreams of embarking on endless adventures, like his idol Charles Muntz. While Carl runs with his blue balloon through the streets of his neighborhood, he meets Ellie, a little girl whose dream is to go to Venezuela to Paradise Falls. That evening, Carl promises Ellie that he will one day take her to Paradise Falls. The two will never break up, they will spend their whole life together, but due to a bad illness that takes away his beloved Ellie, Carl will not be able to keep his promise.

Years pass and Carl turns into a grumpy old man because of the pain. Until one day Russel, an 8-year-old scout, knocks on his door. That same day Carl is about to be evicted from the family home. The twist is bizarre: blowing up thousands of balloons, he takes off with his home, in the direction of the Paradise Falls.

Touching film, the story of a life told with an immersive animation and in which it is easy to get excited.

8. Star Wars episode 7 – The Force Awakens | Best Disney Plus Movies

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

The story is set about thirty years after the Battle of Endor, when Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker mysteriously disappears. Pilot Poe Dameron is sent by the Resistance to Jakku to retrieve a map leading to the Jedi’s hideout. The pilot, however, runs into Kylo Ren, an obscure envoy of the First Order. Before being captured, Dameron hides the map in the BB-8 droid which is found by young Rey in the desert area where she lives, awaiting the return of her parents.

This is just one episode in the long saga available on Disney Plus. It is useless to talk about them, we can only invite you to see them all by following the instructions of our guide to enjoy them to the fullest.

7. Coco | Best Disney Plus Movies

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

The twelve year old Miguel dreams of becoming a musician, but his family is strongly against it. They are the Rivera, who have become famous and lucky for the production of shoes, but on which the progenitor has launched the absolute ban on playing. However, this fails to keep Miguel away from strings and arpeggios. Nor does it stop him from worshiping and imitating the melodies of his favorite singer, the legendary Ernesto de la Cruz. However, things will take a bad turn when Miguel, wanting to participate in a competition, in the Dìa de Muertos decides to “borrow” the guitar of the deceased musician.

Colorful, fun, profound film. It will make you excited!

6. Avatar | Best Disney Plus Movies

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

In 2154 the terrestrial interplanetary company RDA wants to obtain a monopoly on the unobtainium fields of the planet Pandora, a primordial world covered with rainforests and inhabited by the Na’vi. Since the planet’s atmosphere is toxic to humans, scientists have created Avatars, thanks to fusion of human and Na’vi DNA, which can be remotely controlled by means of a special technological capsule.

Globalization and colonization under the science fiction label, this film was notable for reaching the global box office record and maintaining this status for some time. Futuristic CGI, great story, there is no reason not to see it.

5. Into the Woods | Best Disney Plus Movies

Cinderella in a musical. A musical in a film. These are the premises of Into the Woods, a followable film that stands out for its stellar cast. Look at it without preconceptions.

4. X-Men | Best Disney Plus Movies

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

The officialization of the existence of mutants has divided public opinion. Their superpowers and innate abilities, in fact, if on the one hand they intrigue citizens, on the other they could represent a threat to the safety of humans. The mutant registration project is discussed at the congress, which also features Charles Xavier, a wheelchair-bound mutant with telepathic powers, and Erik Lehnsherr nicknamed Magneto who has the power to generate magnetic fields that allow him to control metals. The two former friends have diametrically opposed views on the affair.

The first film in the saga, available entirely on Disney Plus, X-Men will take you to a different world, where the coexistence between humans and superheroes is understandably problematic. Some films are undoubtedly more successful than others, but in any case we invite you to evaluate the beauty of the product in the whole.

3. The Lion King | Best Disney Plus Movies

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

Live action reinterpretation of the 90s cartoon, The Lion King does not differ from the classic plot and indeed is a scene-by-scene rimake. The protagonist is always Simba, son of the former king Mufasa, ousted and killed by his ferocious brother Scar. Disney’s quintessential film, capable of recounting a profound human experience behind the mask of animation.

The remake divided the critics: some appreciated the modern visual impact, while others shouted sacrilege. Here, in any case, you can find our extended opinion on the matter.

2. Wall-E | Best Disney Plus Movies

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

In a dystopian 2015, the Earth has become inhospitable due to the waste produced by humans, which entirely cover the planet. Humanity finds refuge on a fleet of spaceships, while waiting for the BnL Corporation to clean up the planet by 2110, thanks to the modern and technological scavenger robots called WALL • E. Unfortunately, of all robots only one does not stop working, continuing in its mission. To keep him company a film, Hello, Dolly!, Which makes him develop human feelings. The solitude of the robot is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of EVE, a more technological robot, whose task is to seek life on Earth.

Very exciting film, signed by Pixar which, like many other visionary authors, deals with a more serious theme than it might seem at first sight. Excellent animations, a real gem.

1. Avengers: Endgame | Best Disney Plus TV series

Best Disney Plus Movies You Must See |  March 2021

Thanos’ snap of fingers cut the population of the entire universe in half. The Avengers, like many others, are in mourning. But they are also looking for a solution to be able to undo the genocide of the titan. It will be their most important mission and, of course, also the most difficult.

There has probably never been a movie on the scale of Avengers: Endgame. We said this in our review and we reiterate it. The breadth and caliber of the cast, the general success among the critics, the stratospheric collections: everything with this film reaches a point of arrival, crystallizing a cinematic phenomenon. You can find it on Disney Plus, along with all the others of the epochal saga.

See you next month!

Our advice for this month ends here. The hope is to have helped you in some way to orient yourself among the products offered by this rich platform, which is becoming increasingly popular with a catalog continuously updated and in which it is not easy to find your way around.

See you next month with the list of the best movies to see on Disney Plus! In the meantime, don’t miss the other contents of our section dedicated to movies and TV series, the best movies available on Netflix, Prime Video and Now TV and the best TV series from Netflix, Prime Video, Now TV and Disney Plus.