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Best eBook Reader: the techgameworld.com guide | April 2023

What is the best ebook reader on the market?? When does it cost and how much is it right to spend on an ebook reader? And above all, which one to choose: Kindle, Kobo or something else? In this article we want to help you choose the best ebook reader, so that you can always carry an entire digital library with you.

What is the best ebook reader and how to choose it

Ebook readers are electronic devices that allow you to read digital books in various formats. They have several advantagesincluding that of taking up little space, having a long autonomy and not tiring your eyes thanks to the e-ink screens, which reflect light just like normal paper – which is why, unlike tablets, you can also read them in the sun , at the park or at the beach.

But what are the best ebook readers on the market and What features should you consider before buying one?? In this article we present a selection of the best ebook readers, comparing the models of different brands, such as Kindle, KoboPocketbooks and others.

In addition, we will help you understand which products can do more than allow you to carry War and Peace, the Divine Comedy and the entire Discworld saga of Terry Pratchett without breaking your back. In fact, you will find a section dedicated to the best ebook readers for taking notes with smart pens and also one for color screen ereaders.

How much does a good ebook reader cost?

But before delving into the various models on the market and understanding which one is the best, perhaps you are wondering what the right price is for a good ebook reader (and perhaps for the best ereader out there).

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If the basic models of the best smartphones or the best tablets have various limitations, the situation is different for ebook readers. The basic models, which cost just under 100 euros on average, already have very good screens with integrated lightinga battery life of weeks and enough space for you to read a book a day for a few years.

best ebook reader min

Between 100 and 300, however, you will find models with a bigger screen and newer technology, with better refresh rates that make for a smoother reading experience. Some also have goodies like keys to turn pages in addition to the touchscreen, more hard disk space and some software conveniences. In this category you will also find the first color ebook readers.

Going above 300 you will find devices that already have tablet functionality: you can use them to take notes and also to browse online, reading magazines or sites like ours, maybe. There are also real tablets with e-ink screens, usually above 500 euros: but we won’t deal with them in this article because, paradoxically, they are less comfortable for reading books.

Kobo, Kindle or something else: how to choose an ebook reader?

Literature enthusiasts who want to buy the best ebook reader have two points of reference, among which it is difficult which is the best: Kindle e Kobo. In fact, these are the two most popular and widespread brands on the market, but they also have important differences that can influence your choice.


0c0bac cover Kindle Paperwhite Plus Lifestyle2 copia

Kindle is the product of Amazonthe e-commerce giant that has a huge library of ebooks from which you can choose and buy directly from the device. It also has some exclusive services, such as Kindle Unlimited, which allows you to read an unlimited number of ebooks for a fixed monthly cost. Or Prime Readingwhich offers a selection of free ebooks for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Kindle supports its proprietary format AZW e AZW3, found only on the Amazon bookstore. Once upon a time whoever wanted to read an ebook in ePub, which is the most common standard used by other online bookstores, should have converted it with free software like Caliber (which is still very useful) before loading it on the Kindle. Since last year, however, all ePub are also compatible with Kindle. So if you’re wondering “which ebook reader reads all formats“, the answer is: all the most recent ones.


kobo sage 2 ereader min

Kobo is the product of Rakuten, a Japanese company operating in the e-commerce and digital services sector. Kobo also has one its online ebook library, but natively reads ePub files, which you can purchase on any digital library. Additionally, Kobo also offers a cloud reading experience and allows you to sync your ebooks across devices.

Kobo usually adds extra features and is a little more “aggressive” in design changes than Kindle, which has always focused on the essentials. It also offers the possibility of using Libby to connect to digital libraries for free books, even if the service does not currently operate in Italy (although we hope it arrives soon).

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Not just K

Choosing between Kindle and Kobo comes down to your personal preferences and reading needs. Amazon regular customers can take advantage of exclusive services and its wide range of ebooks with Kindle. While Kobo offers different products that may better suit the needs of those who want a more personalized reading experience.

But they are not the only alternatives. Pocketbook offers several interesting products, among which the color e-readers stand out. Remarkable it arrived before the two Ks to bring writing with a pen (and recently also a keyboard) to ebook readers and it does it with class. Onyx Boox it offers a tablet-like experience that power users are sure to appreciate. And there are also many other interesting alternatives on the market.

Best ebook reader: which one to choose to always have your digital library with you

After understanding how much it is worth spending and how to navigate the e-reader market, let us now try to figure out which one is right for you. Let’s start with those designed exclusively for the main functionality: reading books. Although almost all of them offer a few more features, such as audiobook support.


Kindle 2022 eleventh generation tech princess

Kindle (2022) it’s Amazon’s basic model, and it’s perhaps the best ebook reader for those on a budget. It offers a screen from 6 inches with 300 ppi resolution and integrated front light. It has 16GB of memory, which can hold thousands of ebooks, and a battery that lasts for weeks. It also supports audiobooks via Bluetooth. Plus, it uses 30-75% recycled plastic and 90% recycled magnesium. Its price is €99.99 with advertising or €109.99 without advertising. But you can often find it on sale on Amazon.

Kobo Clear 2E

KOBO Clara 2E tech princess

Kobo Clear 2E is Kobo’s most eco-sustainable model, in fact it is made with the85% recycled plasticof which the 10% goes to the oceans. It offers a screen from 6 inch with 300 ppi resolution and dark mode. It has a memory of 16GB, which can hold up to 12,000 ebooks or 75 Kobo audiobooks. Also interesting are some design gems, such as the rear power button in a small hollow.

And also water resistant (IPX8) and supports audiobooks via Bluetooth. Its price is 149.99 euros, but even in this case you often find interesting discounts.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite (2021) leads to a leap in quality compared to the basic model: it offers, in fact, a screen of 6.8 inches with 300 ppi resolution and adjustable light tone. It has 8, 16 or 32GB memory with the Signature Edition, depending on the version. And a battery that lasts up to 10 weeks. It is also water resistant (IPX8) and supports audiobooks via Bluetooth.

Its price varies from 139.99 euros to 189.99 euros, depending on the memory and the presence or absence of advertising. But even in this case, you can often find attractive discounts with various promotions on the Amazon store.

2 Pound Coins

discount kobo pounds 2

2 Pound Coins it could be the best value for money ebook reader on the market. In fact, it offers one 7-inch screen with 300 ppi resolution and hue of adjustable light. He has a memory of 32 GB, which can hold up to 24,000 ebooks. And also water resistant (IPX8) and has two physical keys to turn the pagewhich may be out of fashion in the smartphone world – but we love it.

It also supports audiobooks via Bluetooth. And it has several interesting accessories, including covers of various types. Its price is 189,99 euro and is the point of reference for those who want a premium product, without spending too much (although almost double compared to the basic models).

Kindle Oasis

kindle oasis miglior ebook reader 2023 min

Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s most advanced model, at least when it comes to “simple” e-readers. It has a screen 7-inch e-ink and 300 PPI resolution, which offers excellent reading quality even in direct sunlight. It has an ergonomic design with physical buttons for page turning it’s a’adaptive lighting that adjusts the color temperature based on the time of day.

there is a internal memory of 8 or 32 GB and a battery that lasts up to 6 weeks. List price is 249,99 euro for the 8GB version with ads and 279,99 euro for the 32GB one.

Not only books, but also notes on the e-ink screen

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