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Indiana Jones 5 will be the last film of the franchise: the confirmation!

Recently it was Disney itself that put a closing point to the franchise with Indiana Jones 5, aka Quadrant of Destiny, which will therefore be the last film with Harrison Ford: let’s find out all the details together

Finally, Disney and Lucasfilm made the sad announcement: Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny (which, we remind you, will debut at Cannes) will be the last chapter of the beloved franchise. Born in 1981 with the iconic Raiders of the Lost Ark, the series has quickly become a classic also thanks to the superb and fascinating interpretation of the eternal Harrison Ford. Ford himself returned to play the intrepid archaeologist in the 1984 prequel Temple of Doom and the 1989 sequel The Last Crusade, thus closing the original trilogy. The 2008 reboot, The Crystal Skull, had given new hope to fans of the series, who eagerly anticipated a new trilogy.

But nothing, we will stop at the fifth chapter. During a new studio press conference, director James Mangold himself, who has taken on the legacy of Steven Spielberg, referred to Quadrant of Destiny as “The Final Adventure of Indiana Jones”. And we must also remember that it was Ford himself, in still unsuspected times, who affirmed that it would be his last interpretation of the fascinating archaeologist. A choice that we can also understand.

Indiana Jones 5 will be the last film of the franchise with Harrison Ford: the confirmation of Disney has arrived

Why should this be the end of the Indiana Jones franchise? Simply due to the age of its lead actor. Harrison Ford has reached the age of 80 (and thinking about it, we feel so terribly old that it’s hard to believe) and he himself has confirmed that the role of Indiana Jones is now too much stress, physically speaking. During the filming of The Dial of Destiny, the man also seems to have injured his shoulder during a fight scene. In short, the time has now come to lay down the hat, at least for Ford.

We are therefore faced with the hard evidence: Indiana Jones 5 will be the last film in the franchise, at least as we have known it to date. What is certain is that Disney has intellectual property rights in its hands and it is difficult to think that it will leave them there, gathering dust. We’ll see what happens in the future, in the meantime stay tuned with us at TechGameWorld.com for all the news on cinema and TV series!

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