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Best food processors | August 2023

With this guide, we will get to know the best food processors on the market. Really useful appliances, which can help us in the kitchen, speeding up our preparations without using a thousand tools

Today we are going to see together what they are the best food processors present on the market. these new appliances have gradually made the life of expert cooks easier and faster, but above all of those who are not so expert in cooking. As technology in the kitchen advances, these robotonce considered a home appliance luxurythanks to their thousands of functions and comforts, they are now indispensable for everyday life for singles, couples, and cooking enthusiasts.

Best food processors |  August 2023

Why use the best food processors

Thanks to a bigger and bigger choice and availability (especially as regards prices), food processors have by now acquired the reputation of saving large amounts of time, being efficient for the preparation of any course, and for being able to program the preparation (thanks to timer) of first courses, second courses, side dishes and many other delicacies even if far from home.

Why buy it

Food processors have now become indispensable for everyday life. Simply put, a food processor is aunion between a blender, a kneader, a food processor, a centrifuge and much more. Then with the addition of electronic components such as internal memories where you can save your personal “cookbook”, Wi-Fi useful for updating your device and your recipes at any time (also via App), timer to program the preparations. Last, but not least, the factor tempo. In fact, these appliances are able to complete recipes in half the time it would take to prepare them in the traditional way.

In addition to time savingyou will have a financial savings too e less stress both on the wallet and the thought of cooking. Finally, how not to mention the accessories. To be purchased and added gradually to the main base, or already included in the purchase, which allow the creation of very complicated recipes in almost complete autonomy.

Cleaning and maintenance

Finally, one of the great advantages of the kitchen robot concerns cleaning and maintenance. These procedures, in fact, are of great simplicity and require very little time. Most of the models on the market are designed to minimize the waste of water and cleaning time. Finally, they are implemented with integrated maintenance systems.


Food processors, they are quite simple devices to use. They are formed from a working basis, with different speeds and modes of operation. A container is usually attached to this base, which will be the main tool for all your recipes. Obviously, depending on the model, some features and some types of accessories will change. Depending on the model, (and above all the price), some products will have only a timer with a few working modes, while for others we will even have the possibility of managing App, there Wi-Fithe possibility of cooking food at very high temperatures or adapting the operating speed according to the food inserted.

How to choose the best food processors

With this guide on the best food processors, I’ll try to explain to you what are the main factors to consider before buying this appliance for your kitchen. Among the primary factors for a right choice (and which responds perfectly to our needs) we have:

  • Dimensions;
  • Functionality;
  • Accessories;
  • Power and consumption;
  • Maintenance;
  • Prezzo.

Best food processors |  August 2023

Dimensions of the best food processors

the first factor to consider in this difficult choice will be the size of our food processor. In fact we have to adjust with the space we have available in our kitchen. If we have little space, it is not advisable to buy an appliance that is too large and bulky (especially because it will not be answered via, but will be used daily and therefore always ready for use). Therefore, it will be necessary to limit the choice to those that are a little smaller compact.

On the contrary, with so much space available, we will have a wide choice, taking the one that best suits our needs. By now, there are a myriad of models, of various sizes and weights, really for all tastes. Whether you are single, a young couple, or a large family it doesn’t matter. Nowadays it will not be difficult to find one with a design and size that most intrigues us.


Another factor to consider are the functions present in the food processor. These vary depending on the model which we are going to choose. Practically, we will be able to buy a simple robot with basic functions (blender / mixer, chopper, grater). Or a more advanced model that also acts as a mixer. Or even a food processor that allows you to prepare, in addition to pizzas and desserts, even complete menus, with first courses, second courses and side dishes of all kinds.

Best food processors |  August 2023


There are now many accessories to add and integrate with our food processors. It ranges from the classics whisks for whipping, the citrus squeezer. Or again, for those who love making bread and pizza and sweets, we will have planetary mixers, with more powerful motors and different types of whisks (hook, heart and wire), which will be used to knead or whip, obtaining perfect doughs and creams in just a few minutes. Other accessories available for our food processors can be: the homogenizer, the centrifuge, the pasta extruderthe sheeter, the vegetable mill, the potato peeler, and many others


Another very important factor to take into consideration when choosing a food processor is power. If we require simple devices such as 3 in 1 multifunction robots (usually a mixer, blender and mincer), we will not need particularly large powers (usually around 250-350 Watt) If, on the other hand, we are looking for something with particular characteristics, such as a food processor that also allows you to cook food, we will certainly need to consider a higher power( 750W in su).


When we choose a food processor, we must always take into account the factor of Assembly / Disassembly and of cleaning speed. These two components really make the difference between an appliance you use regularly and one that is stored in a corner and never used. A food processor must absolutely have the ability to be disassembled easily, in a very short time, and with accessories and containers that can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. In this way they can be stored quickly and without clutter. For maintenance for these appliances, all you need is a more thorough cleaning and a check of the most wearable parts such as gears and blades, always following the advice in the instruction booklet.


Last (but not least) factor to consider for the purchase of one of the best food processors is the price it varies a lot according to the type of robot. The simplest and most basic hover around the 100 eurowhile for the more advanced models equipped with more accessories the price rises around 400 /500  euro. finally, there are models considered TOP, which reach a price higher than 1000 euro. Thanks to this variety of prices, it is practically impossible not to find the right compromise that suits our needs and makes us happy with the choice made.

Best food processors |  August 2023

The best food processors of this month

Below are some of the best food processors on the market in June 2022. Among the various brands we have Moulinex, Philips, Bosch, Kenwood, Braun and Imetec. It should be noted that, in this list, I have reported only low-end and mid-range products. In fact, Vorwerk is not present with its own Bimby Tm6 (which I consider the “non pus ultra” of food processors) and which belongs to the high range (the price is around 1400 euros).

Moulinex FP2461 Easy Force

Con 6 accessories (blender, chopper, coarse grater, fine grater, grater, emulsifying disc). Capacity 1.4 L. Dimensions 26 x 23 x 41cm. Weight 3.2 Kg. Compact and extremely robust, this appliance is a true concentrate of technology, but above all of accessories to be able to experiment with every style of preparation and take advantage of its two robust carafes. It lends itself very well to smoothies, with the special accessory, to knead and chop all types of food, from vegetables to meat.

The engine from 700 watt allows you to choose between the various speeds for preparations of all kinds. The direct transmission from the motor guarantees maximum power in robots with small dimensions. An accessory with 25 functions, with a high loading turret that prevents splashes. One of the best low-end food processors.

Philips Cucina HR7310/00

Con 3 accessories. Capacity 2.1 L. Dimensions 24.4 x 24.4 x 37.7 cm. Weight 1 Kg.
The Philips Cucina HR7310/00 is an extremely compact and robust food processor with 700 watt available for all recipes. Made with a shape that minimizes waste of space and volume, thanks to direct transmission it is an ideal solution for those looking for practicality of use but do not want to clutter up the kitchen shelves. Equipped with all the necessary accessories for each type of treatment, with its 2 in 1 stainless steel discallows you to treat up to 2.1 l.

Its accessories are made in steel and special plastic material, to allow you to knead, mince and cut all types of food. Selecting between different speeds, from centrifugal to very slow rotation to mix the flour.

Robot da cucina Bosch MCM3501M

Con 9 Accessories. Capacity 2.3 L. Dimensions 26 x 22 x 37.5 cm. Weight 3.7 Kg.
Complete food processor, plastic and stainless steel. The accessories are equipped with markings that facilitate assembly and are easily washable in the dishwasher. The blade MultiLevel6, equipped with three double stainless steel blades, allows you to perfectly cut and mix each ingredient. You can choose from 50 functions for grating, slicing, mixing, grinding and emulsifying.

The robot includes a 2.3 liter plastic bowl. The lid has a funnel hole and the blender jug ​​has a capacity of one liter and is equipped with a measuring cup. The MultiLevel6 blade, when fitted to the chopper, can easily chop herbs, spices, nuts, garlic and onions, as well as grind hard ingredients such as cheese, ice and coffee. This Bosch robot is very versatile, thanks to the numerous accessories supplied that allow a 360-degree use. The lid is equipped with a safety lock. The engine is from 800 watt and has two programs of speed and function Moment.

Kenwood FDM780BA MultiPro Classic

Power 1000 Wattcon 7 accessories. Capacity 3 L. Dimensions 21.3 x 21.9 x 38.7 cmwith weight equal to 5 Kg.
This is a product designed to last practically forever, with its body made of very sturdy die-cast and stainless metal, very easy to clean but above all resistant to shocks. His…

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