Best games to try in quarantine: what are they?

Let’s find out together which are the best games to try in quarantine and what are the features that make them perfect for your situation

Choosing the best game to play if you were in quarantine is certainly not easy since it depends, above all, on your personal tastes. To help you, however, we have thought about telling you about the best three games to try if you are forced to stay at home. This way you will have the possibility to test them, if you do not already know them, and have an idea to try to pass the time quickly.

Sports Poker

The first game we present to you is sports poker, which you can find at legal Swiss online casinos. Its main advantages are mainly three. The first is that sports poker, better known as Texas, differs from the five-card version of poker because it is played in tournaments. Basically you will have to pay an entry fee, called the buy-in and then start playing. There are usually hundreds of participants, so getting to the final stages will take a long time and you won’t have any problems as you are stuck at home.

The other advantage is that the expense is fixed. You cannot lose anything other than the entrance token. Once eliminated, in fact, your game will be over. The final point in favor of this game is that the payouts are potentially very high. Since hundreds of players participate and only the top positions are rewarded, you will understand for yourself that the prize can be very important.

Le slot machine

This game, unlike the previous one, is very fast even if its strong point is that there are hundreds of slot machines to choose from and therefore you can try as many as you want. There are those related to the world of horror, of the ancient Egyptian or Greek gods or even those of the TV series or superheroes like Batman or the Avengers. Of course if you want to bet on real winnings then you will have to bet real money. Alternatively, however, you can use welcome bonuses (you will find several for slot machines) or choose to play in demo version. Basically, you will have a virtual account with which you can play as long as you can without spending a single euro. Of course, you won’t win, but if you want to spend a few hours trying out the various devices, that’s the way to go.

The live game

In this paragraph we will not tell you a specific game, but a modality, that is the one that foresees the live dealer. You can choose which game to choose from the available games, usually including blackjack, roulette and baccarat. We have indicated this type of game to you, and why the most popular in recent months, and because it involves a contact, albeit virtual, with another person, that is the dealer. If you are forced to remain in quarantine, in fact, you will surely enjoy talking to a real person.