Best gaming experience with AOC’s AGON Q27G2S / EU

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of gaming monitors and accessories, AOC, presents its latest product, the AGON Q27G2S / EU, a high-performance gaming monitor perfect for PC gaming enthusiasts

The new Q27G2S/EU of AOC is a screen from 68,6 cm is equipped with a 10-bit IPS panel for wide color gamut coverage, a QHD resolution to make pictures perfectly sharp and a refresh rate from 165HZ, specially for competitive players who will be able to enter the lobby at maximum speed.

A monitor in step with the times

Best gaming experience with AOC's AGON Q27G2S / EU

Agon by AOC offers today’s gamers an unmissable offer: a gaming monitor that combines perfectly with the hardware specifications of a latest generation PC.

The QHD resolution (2560X1440 pixels) is what is needed for those who would like to switch to a full HD gaming experience but at the same time also want to reach high levels of frame rates. If you recognize yourself among them, the 27 ″ display is what you are looking for.

E’ the perfect size for this quality of experience, provides maximum detailed images and a pixel density of 109 ppi, which requires no resizing.

For highly respected streamers and youtubers

Best gaming experience with AOC's AGON Q27G2S / EU

This monitor has all the qualities to be absolutely recommended to anyone who wants to start their career as a Youtuber or Twitch streamer. Indeed, the AOC Gaming Q27G22S / EU is equipped with an IPS panel that offers wide angles of angles.

This monitor it can produce as much as 1.07 billion colors, without problems of transitions e color banding, with a 10-bit color depth. The panel also ensures high sharpness and wide range coverage.

Perfect for content creators who are dedicated to editing their video clips, but also for those who simply want to enjoy any content on the screen, viewing it just as the creator had conceived it. There QHD resolution offers greater clarity than Full HD and adds otherwise invisible details, such as an enemy in the distance approaching, much more easily.

The Q27G2S / EU’s 165Hz Refresh Rate makes the competitive gaming experience easier Motion Blur Reduction (MBR) function), the monitor will eliminate any ghosting problems.

Best gaming experience with AOC's AGON Q27G2S / EU

The Q27G2S / EU supportsAdaptive-Sync and is combatable with NVIDIA G-SYNC, so that the GPU framerate can match the monitor update. The basso input lag makes the visual feedback of the pressed commands almost instant in the eyes of the player. It is also equipped with an ergonomic stand that offers height, width and rotation adjustments. It is also perfect for multi-monitor setups, enhanced by the VESA mount.

2 HDMI inputs and 1 Displayport input they allow you to connect a second monitor, be it another PC, laptop or even a console. The OSD menu can be accessed via the buttons under the panel or the G-Menu software. Among the game features, we find the Dial Point (crosshair overlay), AOC Game Color (to adjust saturation) and a frame rate counter.

Finally we have the technology Flicker-free, which uses DC to adjust brightness, and a Low Blue mode to make nighttime gaming sessions less tiring on the eyes.

The AOC Gaming Q27G2S / EU will be available to all players from November 2021 for the modest price of 349 euro. Keep following us all the news from the hardware world.