Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking | July 2023

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The best GPS devices for trekking and hiking: a guide to buying the best device for our needs

Il GPS for trekking and hiking has now become the most important device for all outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to the GPS, you can find the best routes for walking or running outdoors. Or again, for extreme hikers, being able to always have a point of reference even in emergency situations, thanks to devices that will always offer you an experience in total safety. Also, adding features like barometer, compass and altimeterallows you to carry as few objects as possible with you, making the “journey” more comfortable and light.

With this guide we will try to help those who have not yet decided whether or not to buy a GPS device for trekking and hiking. We will see the different characteristics of the various devices, and the market price. Below you will find all the products chosen for you.

Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking |  July 2023

Which one to choose?

In this guide we will try to understand, always following our tastes and needs, which GPS to buy, or at least which ones to focus on. We have a wide selection of products for outdoor experiences. We have selected some especially for you. Among all the devices taken into consideration, we have narrowed the field to these 5 that we are going to present to you. Among these, the Garmin brand devices stand out above all (here for more information).

Garmin Montana 610 Portable GPS, 4″ Touch Screen | Best GPS for trekking and hiking

This portable GPS has a barometric altimeter and a three-axis compass. The GPS is really fast and manages to position the subject very precisely. The program has a Truck Manager which allows you to customize the user experience both in terms of ease of operation and the paths to be taken. Inside the GPS is a base map but you can add others as well by simply inserting a micro SD. Display 4-inch, touch screen, color, dual orientation. Inside the GPS is a built-in camera from 8 megapixel so you can take photos with geolocation and be able to remember from any place.

Garmin ETREX 32x – 2.2 color portable navigator | Best GPS for trekking and hiking

The GPS has a mini screen 2.2 inches with lighting that can be easily seen even with very strong direct sunlight. The map installed inside is European but there are also 8 gigabytes of memory if you want to expand the maps via a tab micro SD which is not included in the package. The GPS satellite receiver is Glonass. Inside there are also altimeter and three-axis compass. The system is compatible with many outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, mountaineering, cycling and many others.

TwoNav – GPS Trail 2 | Best GPS for trekking and hiking

The GPS has been designed down to the last detail for all trekking and hiking enthusiasts. Especially for those who prefer a small but extremely precise navigator. Indeed, the signal is both GPS and Glonass and Galileo. Localization therefore has three integrated positionings and will make everything really fast. Memory is of 16 gigabyte. The battery is long lasting, ha about 20 hours of battery life. The screen is large enough, measure 3.7 inches and it is very resistant even if it is not a touchscreen: there are four buttons that can be used for the various commands. Inside the package there is the attachment for the bicycle, the USB cable, various types of software, space on the Cloud and a six-month subscription to See Me.

Garmin eTrex 10 Portable Gps, B/W 2.2 Screen | Best GPS for trekking and hiking

The portable GPS has a very small size, with a monochrome screen and a display of 2.2 inches. Illumination is visible in any light condition. The device is really very resistant and is also waterproof so it can also be used for fishing or hiking in the rain. The GPS receiver has a high sensitivity and this allows a very fast and precise positioning. The system is compatible with Garmin Connect.

Garmin inReach Montana 700i GPS Navigator with inReach Technology | Best GPS for trekking and hiking

GPS with further updates and upgrades compared to Montana 600, but you obviously belong to a higher price range. Among the various features we have; two-way messaging, sending GPS location to your page MapShare web-based to enable those returning home to follow your journey. Then the button was implemented lateral SOS to start a save with GEOS Emergency Response. This service is included in your inReach monthly subscription.

Key features of the best GPS for trekking and hiking

After taking a look at the main GPS models, let’s see what are the features to consider when choosing a good device. In fact, below are the main functions and features for a 100% useful GPS.

Weight and size

For those who practice trekking or excursions (both for beginners but above all for experts) during an excursion it is advisable not to have excess weights or objects. the best GPS that can be purchased are those that are very light and have very small dimensionsso as not to waste important space in a backpack and not to exceed the weight.


The battery component is very important in order not to run out of GPS during your activity and thus avoid getting lost. The battery must be as long-lasting as possible. Currently, GPS devices with a minimum battery life have an autonomy of about 10 hours while those with greater autonomy are close to 20 hours. It is also necessary to take into account the type of recharge of the device which can be with both rechargeable batteries and normal batteries, in addition to the method which can be with the simple replacement of the batteries or via a charging cable.

Extra features

Check that they have extra features like:

  • Barometer (it will allow to evaluate the weather conditions);
  • Compass (to find your way home if you are lost in an unknown place);
  • Altimeter (to measure altitude).

These features are really important, and are almost always included in a hiking and trekking GPS.

The screen

Everyone likes to have a very large color screen and perhaps a touch screen, but it must be taken into account that these characteristics correspond to a Heavy GPS, large and more fragile than the others. It is therefore good to rely rather on a high resolution, on lighting that allows you to be able to see the maps even in direct sunlight and buy a large screen only if you really need it or when, otherwise, it would not be possible to read well the maps.

The maps

The map component is another fundamental point of the GPS for trekking and hiking. Topographic maps are not supported by most GPS. Some simply have basic maps so it is good to check that they are there and above all that there may be the possibility of adding them by inserting a micro SD card. This will correspond to a higher price however it will make the More complete and functional GPS.


An extra addition, for hiking lovers who want to take lots of photos, could be the sistema wireless. This connects the GPS to a computer or smartphone from where you can quickly download your photos. The WiFi o il bluetooth it also allows connection with other devices to exchange maps or information.

Best GPS for Trekking and Hiking |  July 2023

Using the best GPS for trekking and hiking

These products are based on a location based positioning system GPS, Glonass o WASS. These components allow us to have a greater precision of the position. The Glonass system is the one that has a greater number of satellites for which the location is very precise compared to the traditional GPS one (such as that of cell phones, which are good for short journeys and have a limited duration). The system of a trekking and hiking GPS is designed so that the device can always reach you at least 4 satellites to transmit the signal It will therefore be impossible to get lost or have a weak signal.


Before buying a GPS for trekking and hiking, you need to take all the time to better evaluate the features you want most. This way you can use your device to 100%. Once the purchase has been made, before leaving I advise you to check that the maps are up to date and that the GPS has a fully charged batteryFurthermore, I strongly recommend, especially in long activities, to bring spare batteries with you,

And what do you think of these devices GPS for trekking and hiking? Let us know below in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page and stay connected on

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