Best Italian movies to watch on Netflix | April 2023

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We have selected for you a list of the best Italian movies to watch on Netflix. The made in Italy that never goes unnoticed, let’s discover the unmissable titles together

The platform Netflix continues to surprise all faithful subscribers, offering a constantly updated catalogue. To keep up with the times, we have decided to select for you a list of best italian movies to be savored from the comfort of your home.

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Best Italian movies on Netflix to watch

Before we begin, it should be noted that all of the content presented here for our guide has been randomly listed and is equally valid. Here is everything you need to know to enjoy a month full of made in Italy titles like never before!

5-It Was Now | Best Italian movies on Netflix

We start this journey between the best Italian titles present in the catalogue Netflix; with the last great successful film made in Italy, It was time. Directed by Alexander Aronadio with protagonists Edward Leo e Barbara Ronchi; a romantic comedy with profound and unexpected implications.

The story focuses on Dante, a man with a busy life and high career ambitions who lives with his partner Alice, an artist in search of success. The couple enters a crisis when the woman is no longer able to bear the man’s frenetic pace, always in a hurry and unable to stop and give her the right attention. One day, however, Dante wakes up and realizes that he is a year away from the previous evening. Caught in a time loop where every day is a year of his life; Will he be able to understand the value of time before his life falls apart?

4-The thief of days | Best Italian movies to watch on Netflix

For those wishing to savor an all-Italian road movie, Netflix suggests among the available titles to see The Thief of Days. Directed by Guido Lombardi, whose subject won the Solinas prize in 2007 and novel published by Feltrinelli in 2019; with lead actor Riccardo Scamarcio; Massimo Popolizio; Augusto Zazzaro and Giorgio Careccia.

Vincenzo is a petty criminal from Puglia, who as soon as he gets out of prison tries to recover the relationship with his son Salvo, never seen until then. He grew up in the custody of his aunt together with his cousins; Vincenzo and Salvo will be the protagonists of a road trip along the long coasts of Puglia. A path of growth, search for humanity and forgiveness, towards an ominous and already sealed destiny.

3-The most beautiful years | Best Italian films to watch on Netflix

Gabriel Muccino offers emotions and paths of growth, in the Italian film The best years. Featuring an outstanding cast with Pierfrancesco Favino, Micaela Ramazzotti, Kim Rossi Stuart, Claudius Santamaria; the story of four friends represented through forty years of history.

From 1980 to today, from adolescence to adulthood. Their hopes, their disappointments, their successes and failures are the plot of a great story of friendship and love through which Italy and the Italians are also told. A large fresco that tells who we are, where we come from and also where they will go and who our children will be. It is the great circle of life that repeats itself with the same dynamics despite the fact that different years and even different eras flow in the background.

2-The Catholic School | Best Italian movies on Netflix

Among the Italian films to see available on Netflixthe film stands out The Catholic School. Directed by Stefano Mordini, based on the homonymous novel winner of the 2016 Strega Prize written by Edoardo Albinati; takes inspiration from true crime events (the Circeo massacre). With protagonists Blessed PorcaroliEmanuele Maria DiStefano, Luke Vergoni, Francesco Cavallo and Giulio Pranno. Previewed out of competition at the 78th Venice Film Festival, it was distributed in Italian cinemas by Warner Bros. with a ban on children under 14.

The story takes place in Rome in the 70s, through the story of three students of a Catholic male high school in the capital. Coming from families of the best middle class; obsessed with excess and the thrill of the forbidden, they commit a crime that shocks the whole of Italy: the circeo massacre.

1-7 Women and a Mystery | Best Italian movies on Netflix

For those wishing to conclude our special guide to discovering the best Italian titles with a little lightness; the comedy entitled, is available on Netflix 7 Women and a Mystery. Written by Alessandro Genoese (who is also director) together with Lisa Nur Sultan; with an all-female cast of sublime actresses: Margherita Buy, Diana Del Bufalo, Micaela Ramazzotti, Blessed Porcaroli and the exceptional participation of Ornella Vanoni.

Set during Christmas Eve in 1930s Italy; recounts the frantic hours following the inexplicable murder of a businessman, husband and father. Gathered with the excuse of spending the Christmas period together after a long time spent in uniform, they will find themselves forced to face each other to reveal their most intimate (and embarrassing) secrets in order to solve the mystery. Who is the real killer?

See you next month!

Our appointment on the best Italian films to watch on Netflix for this month ends here. After a quick passage through the rich catalog offered by the platform, we’ll give you an appointment for next month with a new list of the best Italian titles not to be missed. In the meantime, don’t miss the other content dedicated to films and TV series, on Prime Video, Disney Plus, Infinity and Rakuten TV.

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