Migliori obiettivi per Sony A7 da acquistare

Best Lenses For Sony A7 To Buy | March 2021

Very often when you acquire a new Sony A7 camera you are initially very undecided about which lenses to use. Many are those in the catalog and there is the reputation of a very high cost. This is true, but not absolutely! Let’s find out together which are the best lenses for Sony A7 to buy with an eye on the quality / price ratio!

If you are reading these lines you just bought a new Sony A7, or you are about to buy one. Surely you are undecided as to what the best lenses for Sony A7 to combine with the new jewel. Maybe you come from the world of reflex cameras and you don’t know what the world of lenses for Sony A7 has to offer! Don’t worry, in this guide you will find all the answers you are looking for!

Best Lenses For Sony A7 To Buy |  March 2021

The first thing you may be wondering if you are coming from a Nikon or Canon SLR is: can I fit my lenses on a Sony A7?

The answer is It depends. It is usually difficult to fit Nikon lenses as there are no adapters that work well. While for Canon lenses there are a lot of adapters on the market. We have already talked about it! It’s here you can find the guide on the best adapters to mount Canon lenses on Sony!

As you can read from the previously reported guide, often adapted lenses do not offer the highest quality although with some models they work very well. But you will already have understood this, just read a little around to be told everywhere that the original lenses are much better!

In this guide I will try to explain what the best solutions based on cost and also based on photographic genres for a Sony A7! Each month this guide will be updated to include the latest news!

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy “cheap”

It sounds strange but there are some very good lenses for the Sony A7 that cost relatively little! There isn’t a very wide choice for now, but it’s still something! You can build a nice, relatively inexpensive and quality kit! We will limit ourselves to a figure of around 600 euros!

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy for landscape photography

In landscape photography Sony offers different solutions for Sony A7 cameras. There are 3 wide-angle zooms of good quality, and more fixed Zeiss. On the tele side, the best solution is the classic 70-200 f / 4, light and of excellent quality!

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy for portrait

In portrait photography there is actually a infinity of lenses that can be used on our Sony! Let’s see what is actually available to date with autofocus as the Sony A7 offer the convenience eye-af function that it would be a shame not to exploit! And now the 24 f / 1.4 has also arrived which is loved by many in portraits!

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy for ceremonies / work

For professional needs Sony foresee the classic trio f / 2.8 and 3 fixed quality: 35-50-85. The 24 f / 1.4 arrives and there is news about the upcoming arrival of the classic 135 f / 2. Their arrival is expected shortly

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy for sports / birdlife

In this genre the Sony A7 sin a little by choice. To date, the native solutions are only those listed. It is said that other news will arrive soon. Meanwhile, the 400 f / 2.8 is a reality with a stellar yield and a record weight (very light and compact for a 400 f / 2.8).

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy for reportage

In the reportage the classic solution is given by the 35 mm! Sony has more solutions available! Let’s see them together.

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy for macro / still life

In this genre they are only available two optics for our A7. The classic long macro is missing and there is no news for any TS macros and / or other news.

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy as a handyman

Sony offers 4 all-rounders, from the economic to the expensive, let’s discover the current solutions together. Waiting for 28-75 Tamron that is so long to wait!

Best lenses for Sony A7 to buy from Sigma house

Finally available after a long wait. Here is the series of lenses for Sony A7 Sigma Art! A few targets are still missing, but they should all be available by the end of the year.

From the Sony world that’s all for now

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