Best math movies: which ones to see

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We know that many people don’t like math at school, but at the cinema it’s a whole different story! So here are the best math movies to watch all in one sitting

In many math movies, numbers appear as a way to connect the universe and real life, like seeing double numbers according to the horoscope would be a sort of special connection with the stars. It goes without saying that mathematics is very important in our world and that knowing it is also the best way to find a high-profile job. To start ad bring even the little ones closer to this subject, one of the solutions could be to watch a movie about mathematics. There are many films on this theme, testifying to how it is a fascinating and mysterious world. In the next paragraphs we will give our recommendations on the best movies on physics and mathematics that are impossible to miss!

Best math movies: which ones to see

Best math movies

Rebel genius

A good film about mathematics that takes first place in our personal ranking is Rebel Genius. This math movie was made in 1997 by Gus Van Sant and stars Matt Damon, Robin Williams e Ben Affleck. It can also be easily defined as a film on mathematics for children and is about a child prodigy who holds a humble job at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is a nice math film for kids that tells the rise of this humble character capable of getting noticed by solving a very complex mathematical theorem

The Theory of Everything

This math movie was released in 2014 and tells the amazing story of physicist Stephen Hawking. It is a film about physics and mathematics entirely based on the biography entitled “Towards Infinity” (Travelling to Infinity: My Life With Stephen), written by Jane Wilde Hawking, ex-wife of the physicist. It is certainly one of the most critically acclaimed Netflix mathematics films, even more so that the role of the physicist was played by

Eddie Redmayne, who earned a Best Actor Oscar for his outstanding performance. This Netflix math film deals with the emotions and shocking events that shaped Hawking’s life with great intensity and depth.

Best math movies: which ones to see

Imitation game

In third place in our ranking of the best math movies is Imitation Game, a film inspired by the true story of Alan Turing, a famous cryptanalyst. This mathematics film tells of his extraordinary and frantic efforts, together with his team, during the Second World War to unravel the mysterious secret Nazi code known as “Enigma”. Turing was a true genius of the 20th century and is also universally regarded one of the founders of computer science and modern computers.

21- Blackjack

Another film on mathematics that deserves to be seen is 21 – Blackjack. The plot is about Ben Campbell, a young student at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who stands out for his extraordinary mathematical abilities. In order to finance his studies, Ben puts his calculating skills to good use and joins a group of brilliant college friends to try your luck in the prestigious casinos of Las Vegas. These enterprising boys, led by the eccentric professor Mickey Rosa, venture into the gambling halls, with the aim of accumulating profits which they will then share among themselves. However, things get complicated for Ben after his early successes, when he is estranged from his unorthodox mentor. Determined to redeem himself, the young man decides to organize an epic showdown. Compelling and well done, it’s definitely a must-see math film! Furthermore, given the plot, it is a film about mathematics that children especially like very much.

A Beatiful Mind

Our ranking ends with a truly exceptional film on mathematics: “A Beatiful Mind”. John Nash was a mathematical genius who changed the world of economics with his research on game theory, for which he received the Nobel Prize in economics in 1994. This film on mathematics tells his very engaging story, also focusing on the more eccentric side of Nash, whose talent was accompanied for several years by a form of very severe schizophrenia. This pathology forced him to several hospitalizations in psychiatric facilities and to undergo rather invasive treatments. In the last years of his life, however, Nash had managed to find a certain coexistence with the disease, leading an existence that could be defined as normal.

Best math movies: which ones to see

Best math movies, in conclusion

In short, for those who want to approach this subject, perhaps seeing things from another perspective, one of these films on physics and mathematics could be the best solution. Indeed, many are still convinced that mathematics is nothing but a complicated and boring subject, ignoring how useful it can be for understanding the world. These math movies are designed to tease the viewer and provide a fresh perspective. It could be a good way to make children like scientific subjects and to fascinate them, giving them new ideas for interpreting reality and for interpreting their own future. That’s all from the cinema and TV series section, keep following us!

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