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Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch | March 2023

We have selected for you a list of the best movies to watch on the streaming platform, Pluto TV. Among a vast selection of genres, great classics and breathtaking content; here’s everything you need to know to enjoy a March full of emotions

After our TV guide on the best TV series to enjoy on the innovative Pluto TV platform; the time has come to take a look at the list of the best movies to watch from the comfort of your home. Among a huge selection of genre and content, Pluto Tv delivers a truly varied catalog every day of great old and new titles.

The streaming platform is totally free; is is easily accessible via the official website; the app on Android and iOS; as well as being also available on smart TVs.

Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch | March 2023

Before we begin, all the content presented here for our special guide; they have been listed randomly and are all equally valid. Here is everything you need to know to enjoy a March full of twists and turns and great emotions

5-Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me | Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch | March 2023

Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch |  March 2023Let’s start this journey among the best movies to watch on Pluto Tv, with a dive into the dark past of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. Direct da David Lynch, this is the prequel to the cult hit series Twin Peaks.

Partly related to the novel, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer; the story always takes place around the mysterious town of Twin Peaks. Secluded town in the Rocky Mountains; An FBI agent goes missing while investigating the death of a teenage girl Teresa Banks. The murder seems to be connected to that of Laura Palmer, another local girl, embroiled in a series of murky stories of sex and drugs. Meanwhile, the brilliant investigator Dale Cooper tries to track down the killer through a series of clues that appear in his dreams.

Part of the cast present, is the same as in the original series. With leading actors Kyle MacLachlan e Sheryl Lee assieme a Moira Kelly; Ray Wise; Chris Isaak e David Bowie.

4-Laws of Attraction – Marriage on Appeal | | Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch | March 2023

Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch |  March 2023

If you are looking for a little lightness and romance, among the best films in the Pluto TV catalogue; we can not recommend Laws of Attraction – Matrimonio in appello. Directed by Peter Howitt; an old-time romantic comedy, starring Pierce Brosnan e Julianne Moore.

The store of two skilled divorce lawyers, Audrey Woods e Daniel Rafferty, seems to be playing a bizarre twist of fate. Fierce opponents in the courtrooms; they have always seen love shipwrecked in all the worst modern scenarios. But life is always unpredictable… What are the chances that it will end well for them?

3-Slumber – The Demon Of Sleep | Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch | March 2023

Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch |  March 2023

For lovers of the horror genre and looking for some healthy suspense; here for you between best movies suggested in the catalogue, Slumber – The Demon of Sleep. Directed by Jonathan Hopkins; traumas from the past come back to haunt the young protagonist Alice Arnolds (played by Maggie Q).

Alice Arnold A famous sleep specialist, she continues to be haunted by her brother’s mysterious death. She became an adult and a loving mother; she starts following the case of the Morgan family, who have been tormented by night terrors and insomnia problems for some time. In fact, one of their children died violently in his sleep, while the other, Daniel, walks and talks in his sleep sometimes screaming and becoming violent. An enigmatic problem that suggests Alice that there is something evil behind all this.

Present in the cast in addition to Maggie Q, Sylvester McCoy, Will Kemp, Sam Troughton, William Hope.

2-Escape From Pretoria | Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch | March 2023

Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch |  March 2023

The story of a past that seems distant, but extremely close to us. In the catalog offered among the best movies to watch on Pluto Tv platform; Escape From Pretoria it reveals the exploration and denunciation of a hard historical cross-section of great suffering, namely: the battle against Apartheid in South Africa. A story that unites and involves, without distinction of gender or race.

Directed by Francis Anothertakes inspiration from the true story Tim Jenkin e Stephen Leetwo young white South Africans detained as terrorists in Pretoria prison during the Apartheid regime in 1978. Determined to escape, they will come up with a plan as original as it is dangerous.

Starring the young actor Daniel Radcliffe; Daniel Webber; Ian Hart; Nathan Page; Stephen Hunter.

1-The Conformist | Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch | March 2023

Best movies on Pluto Tv to watch |  March 2023

Among the best films proposed, a pearl of great Italian cinema could not be missing, The conformist Of bernardo bertolucci. Based on the novel of the same name by Alberto Moravia; the story takes place at the gates of the Second World War, in a Rome brought to its knees by the pressing fascist regime. Marcello Clerici, fascist spy and philosophy teacher, linked to the young Giulia; a cheerful and middle-class girl. He went to Paris on his honeymoon; unbeknownst to his wife Giulia, Marcello reveals himself to be undercover to fulfill a brutal mission: eliminate one of his former professorsnow a political dissident.

Equipped with an international cast, starring the actor Jean-Louis Trintignant e Stephanie Sandrelli, together with Dominique Sanda; Gaston Moschin; Enzo Tarascio.

See you next month!

Our appointment on the best films to see for this month ends here. After a quick passage through the rich catalog offered by the Pluto TV platform; we give you an appointment next month with a new list of the best films not to be missed. In the meantime, don’t miss other content dedicated to movies and TV series, on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and Rakuten TV.

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