Best of Belron 2022 winner of the title of Best Technician in the world

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Barcelona – It ended on Best of Belron 2022the event organized by the Belron group to find the winner of the title best technician in the world in the replacement and repair of auto glass of the company. After 2 days of intense challenges and careful observations by the jury, a verdict was reached and yesterday, Joe Milligan, from the United Statesthe winner was declared.

Gary Lubner, CEO of Belron, commented on the victory: “Joe demonstrated incredible skill and tenacity during the competition and fully deserved to win the title of Best of Belron 2022. It was an absolutely thrilling event that showed the talent of the our technicians from all over the world. Although all the competitors were exceptional, Joe was the best of the best ”.

The winner of the Best of Belron 2022 is

During the challenge, technicians from different countries of the world have demonstrated their skills and expertise in vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration (VGRRR), including that of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Joe Milligan competed against 28 other highly skilled technicians from countries where the Belron Group. In addition to the prestigious Best of Belron title, Milligan was awarded a cash sum equivalent to one year’s salary.

After the victory, Milligan commented: “I am extremely happy to have been named Best of Belron 2022. It is a dream come true. The competition was tough and I had to compete with the best. I look forward to returning to the United States and putting my skills and expertise at the disposal of our new technicians and assisting our customers ”.

The best of Belron

The Best of Belron has now become a tradition, a biennial event that has been held for over 20 years and now, Joe Milligan joins ten other Belron technicians who have been proclaimed world champions. It is not the first time that the United States has been declared winners but once again they will join the ranks of winners from countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In the two days of the event, on 29 and 30 June, the Best of Belron 2022, held in Barcelona, ​​recorded more than 1,000 appearances, including major customers, suppliers, shareholders, media and employees. The 29 technicians, who had already won their national title, competed for the international title demonstrating their considerable experience in repairing and replacing windshields, side and rear windows and recalibrating advanced driver assistance systems.

We can’t wait to discover the next Best of Belron 2024, will it finally be Italy’s turn?

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