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New eBook and audiobook offerings with Rakuten Kobo

The first e-commerce hub of publishing products expands its eBook and audiobook offering together with Rakuten Kobo

A one-of-a-kind collaboration between, e this will allow book lovers from all over Italy to read and listen to even more stories through integration with the ecosystem Rakuten Kobo.

Rakuten Kobo Inc. is a worldwide retailer of digital books and audio books owned by Rakuten Group,Inc. (here for more info) based in Tokyo and the headquarters in Toronto. Created by book lovers for book lovers, the Kobo platform has 58 million users worldwide who can read anytime, anywhere, on any device. With a mission to improve the reading experience for all, Rakuten Kobo connects readers to stories through a careful and personalized selection of eBooks and audiobooks, offering the best eReaders and apps dedicated to reading.

The best partner could only be the Feltrinelli. Feltrinelli bookstores have always been places of exchange and dissemination of knowledge, with a strong focus on the widely distributed book and dedicated to all people who are looking for new ideas, stimuli, visions. They have a widespread presence on the national territory, which has over 100 total points of sale. The Feltrinelli bookstores organize over 3,000 cultural events every year and have an offer of more than 200,000 titles.

New eBook and audiobook offerings with Rakuten Kobo

Details on new eBook and audiobook offerings with Rakuten Kobo and Rakuten Kobo announce the expansion of theirs partnership dedicated to digital reading and listening to the sites, and This is to offer readers the best technological platform for an increasingly integrated experience in the use of content. A collaboration that will allow Italian book lovers to move easily between the three platforms, and and access a greater number of books. But also to a wide range of services that is also enriched with audio books and an “all you can enjoy” subscription plan, thanks to the integrated ecosystem of Rakuten Kobo.

For some time now has offered the possibility of buy millions of eBooks in Italian individually and in other languages ​​thanks to the collaboration with Rakuten Kobo. From today, the catalog is enriched with a new section entirely dedicated to audio books. Over 4,000 new Italian titles are added to the catalog, from novelties to the great classics of literature, and which will be available on all three e-commerce sites. By joining the Rakuten Kobo universe, and will also offer their users the ability to access eBooks, audiobooks and the entire range of Kobo eReader devices. Readers of all three sites will also be able to access the Kobo Books App (available for iOS and Android), which allows readers to listen to the story most in line with their tastes and interests from the comfort of their device or app.

New eBook and audiobook offerings with Rakuten Kobo

All you can enjoy

But that is not all. This summer, the e-commerce hub will offer users of the three platforms the opportunity to explore Rakuten Kobo’s “all-you-can-enjoy” subscription service – Kobo Plus. The subscription offers unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks and audio books by Italian and international authors, at an advantageous monthly price. Book lovers can choose from three subscription plans. Among which:

  • Kobo Plus eBook for 9.99 euros per month;
  • or Kobo Plus Audio for € 9.99 per month;
  • or again Kobo Plus eBook & Audio for 12.99 euros per month.

The customers of, and will be able to take advantage of a free 30-day trial, in which they will have the entire Kobo Plus catalog. They will also have the possibility to choose between the three subscription plans to evaluate which one is best suited to their needs. To celebrate this launch, and customers will receive a Complimentary SleepCover with the purchase of any Kobo eReader device between July 1st and July 14th.

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