Best online casinos for smartphones | November 2021

Find out which are the best online casinos for smartphones and which elements should be considered when choosing where to play. The choice is crucial for a safe and fun game

If you decide to play online, you always find yourself at a crossroads. Find a new platform and register or use the one you have always been used to.

Obviously, to find a new platform we will ask Google for help. But how do we navigate the many search results? We had explained to you the basics in choosing the best online casinos and today we return to the subject to talk to you about how to understand what are the best online casinos for smartphones.

Of course it is always recommendable take a tour on the official website of the customs and monopolies agency, even if it is not a simple consultation site. More intuitive for the purposes of consultation are the various independent sites that with their lists of the “top” restrict the field to a dozen casino portals, all obviously authorized by ADM. This is the case of which, by entrusting its reviews to impartial collaborators with direct experience in the field of casinos, adds to the easy consultation the perspective, certainly useful for the purposes of judgment on these platforms, of the gambler. .

However, this information is not always sufficient. You might hear the need to trace other notions. For this very reason we recommend that you also read this article. You will find several indications on the best online casinos for smartphones and, above all, the instructions for configuring them on your iOS or Android device.

After this premise, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Best online casinos for smartphones |  November 2021

Best online casinos for smartphones, pay attention to the license!

The first thing to check is whether the online casino we have chosen has it a regular license to operate on the Italian territory. This must be issued by theAutonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS). On the official AAMS website it must be present in the list of authorized operators and have the AAMS logo on the site and in the smartphone app.

Eyes on the payout

Another relevant feature is the presence of an adequate and advantageous payout. By payout we mean a percentage number that indicates how much the casino pays out compared to the money that is played on a particular game. For example, if we have a payout of 99% for every 100 euros spent, the online casino will return 99. The payout varies from game to game, but it is important to check the average payout of each game before placing a bet. Above all it is important to make a comparison with that of other online operators. To carry out a check in this sense, just click on the Technologycal System Testing (TST) button present in all smartphone applications. The average payout is between 90 & 97%. If the site you encountered is below this range simply avoid it.

Bonuses and promotions

The bonuses and promotions that online gaming platforms offer their customers are very important aspects, especially in the mobile field. This is the feature that users should pay the most attention to. A good online casino must provide a great loyalty program and ensure an approach that rewards both new users and those who choose to stay on the platform for a long time.

Best online casinos for smartphones, focus on assistance and payments

Two important points are the support service and the accepted payment methods. In the meantime, we must pay close attention to the management of assistance. The presence of mother tongue operators (therefore Italians in our case) active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is very important. It would not be acceptable to have to wait hours to get an answer concerning questions about often a lot of money. Also remember that a serious and reliable customer service department answers the questions of its users even through social media. Speaking of payments instead, It is very important to verify that all popular payment methods are accepted for both depositing and withdrawing. In addition to credit cards, a good service must also accept rechargeable cards and above all e-wallets (with PayPal in mind). Remember to check that bank transfers are also accepted: these are fully traceable.

Best online casinos for smartphones, which games?

A well structured casino must offer its customers a wide selection of games and always stay up to date by adding new ones following the news of the sector.. Keep an eye on the care of the casinos towards the updating of games and platforms, especially for what concerns the live events that cannot be missed in a good online casino for smartphones. Furthermore, a good online casino for smartphones must support all the devices and system updates that the manufacturers release with timely application updates. This is also very important for what it concerns the safety of the gaming platform!

In addition to the elements indicated above, there are also many other indicators that make us understand if an online casino for smartphones is worthy of being considered one of the best on the market or simply one of many. The important thing is to pay attention to all these elements, in order to orient yourself correctly.

Best online casinos for smartphones |  November 2021

Best online casinos for smartphones, this month’s bonuses

Below is the list of best online casinos for smartphones that respect all the points seen above!

See you next month!

Our guide to best online casinos for smartphones ends here. We remind you that the contents will be updated on a monthly basis with all the news in this sector.

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