Best PC Speakers To Buy | October 2021

The phrase “best PC speakers” might seem like an easy sentence, but it is not easy to understand what are the factors that make the choice of PC speakers the right one!

In a sea of ​​offers, choose the best PC speakers it gets harder and harder! Furthermore, there is to consider the use that you want to make of them. You could look for good speakers to listen to music, watch a movie, play video games, or do more things at different times.

In short, the choice of PC speakers adapted to your needs is not an easy business. Then you have to take into account the materials, the level of construction and assembly, the outputs present on your PC, without forgetting to stay in the price that best suits your pockets!

In short, making the right choice of your PC speakers requires a long and exhausting search among a myriad of products, offers and promotions. This is why, after having created numerous very popular buying guides, we wanted to create this additional guide that can advise and accompany our readers to “listen”.

Best PC Speakers to Buy |  October 2021

Best PC speakers: here are some useful tips!

To choose the best PC speakers you have to understand what you are looking for. Before starting with the list of best PC speakers it is good to make a premise, obvious for some, but fundamental.

PC speakers can be divided into three macro-categories: PC stereo speakers, PC 2.1 speakers and PC 5.1 speakers. In reality there would be further differences and set-ups but I don’t want to bore you with technicalities for their own sake. We’ll be taking a quick look at the different category components anyway, so don’t worry about staying in the dark about any of the details.

Furthermore, there are also differences in the connectors available within the audio kit of your choice for your PC. We will also delve into this aspect, in order to guarantee you a complete picture of the situation and to guarantee you the best choice for your PC speakers.

Best PC Speakers to Buy |  October 2021

Best stereo PC speakers or 2.0 | Economic

PC speakers 2.0 are certainly the cheapest choice. This sound system offers stereo sound and certainly remains the perfect budget choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money or don’t have a lot of space. This type of PC speaker is certainly one of the most popular; divided between left and right channels, it offers an excellent compromise for those who do not have a monitor with integrated speakers or for those who want to improve power and sound quality.

Stereo PC speakers are also great for amplifying the sound of a laptop. Attempting to watch a movie with the speakers integrated inside a notebook is a very difficult task! So even in this case the choice of external and economic speakers could be the best choice.

As for the connection to your device, the simplicity of this type of is reflected PC speakers. In fact, it will be enough to feed them thanks to a classic output USB and use the 3.5mm jack by connecting it to your audio output. The output is easily identifiable as it is green on desktop PCs and has the headphone symbol on portable PCs.

Installation is (almost) always plug and play. So you just need to connect your PC speakers to see them work, without further maneuvers whatsoever.

Best stereo PC speakers

These PC speakers are obviously very cheap but not for this reason to be discarded a priori.

the Trust Summer they offer an excellent compromise between quality, design and footprint. As anticipated, this pair of PC break offers the ability to have a noticeably better sound than many monitors’ default sound. They are powered by any USB socket and offer almost zero footprint.

The only flaw, caused by the size of the PC speakers and the style of the same, is that the potentiometer that adjusts the volume, with a maximum power of 6 watts, is placed on the back of one of the speakers. A choice that could be uncomfortable but which, as mentioned, is almost obligatory.

These PC speakers cost a little more! But they might seem more interesting to you, let’s see why!

the Logitech Z200 they offer an excellent level of sound when contextualized at their price. Furthermore, these PC speakers offer a much higher level of customization than the previous ones. Certainly more bulky (although not by much) these casse per PC Logitech they offer the possibility of being switched on and off from the front as well as offering a bass adjustment system on the side.

In the front area we can also find a headphone output and an auxiliary input. Obviously the taste varies from person to person and I will not say so although I believe that these PC speakers will satisfy many palates.

These PC speakers are definitely not (too) cheap but they have their good reasons!

the Creative T20 Series II they are the best you can ask for in a pair of 2.0 stereo speakers! Objectively built with excellent materials, these PC speakers offer a front management to turn them on and off. Furthermore, always from the front, you can adjust the volume, bass and treble!

These PC speakers also offer an auxiliary aux input which allows you to keep the speakers connected to the PC while using them to connect another device, such as an MP3.

The advice on best stereo PC speakers but fear not the best is yet to come!

Best PC Speakers To Buy |  October 2021

Best stereo PC speakers with subwoofer or 2.1 | Mid-range

The 2.1 speakers remain a relatively inexpensive choice but are more complete and guarantee better performance. These PC speakers are very similar to the ones in the previous section but have different advantages and disadvantages from their own. If the 2.0 speakers offer a “double” footprint, here the volume triples. In fact, a third (usually) centrally positioned is added to the two side PC speakers. This additional speaker called subwoofer offers an addition to your surround system with deep, warm bass.

Thanks to the subwoofer you will be able to enjoy action movies, with special effects and the like! Videogames with their splendid music, gunshots and explosions will also enjoy added value.

For this kind of audio systems it is not always possible to take advantage of the USB power supply. Often the audio system in question requires an external power supply, it will therefore be necessary to connect your audio playback system to the mains.

Another difference you might notice is in the installation of the PC speakers. Most 2.1 surround systems do not require the installation of special software but it is recommended, if there is one, to use the program supplied with the PC speakers. They are generally very easy to use management programs and offer a great way to manage treble, bass, equalizer and the like.

Best stereo PC speakers with subwoofer

The first of the best PC speakers that I propose are entry level. An economical choice to enter this world without spending a fortune!

the Logitech Z313 obviously offer a 2.1 surround system! They have a power of 25 watts, with the 15 W subwoofer. They are easily connected thanks to the 3.5 mm connector that connects easily to your PC. Just connect the PC speakers to the subwoofer and the same to your audio output.

In addition, these PC speakers offer an easy and intuitive control system. The PC speakers in question have a sort of remote control that will allow you to better manage the volume, switching on and off.

If you found them interesting, the PC break just seen, these will surprise you!

the Trust Tytan they are really good PC speakers. System obviously formed by two side speakers plus a third. The speakers in addition to boasting excellent sound with deep bass and exciting highs offer a (peak) power of 120 Watts. This power is transformed into pure enjoyment when playing movies, video games but also when listening to good music.

The PC speakers we are discussing the features of also offer an “aggressive look”. The subwoofer lights up giving a sense of explosiveness to your audio set. In this case the external power supply is a must! As it is natural to understand, to give the necessary power to make them work PC break in question the USB socket alone is not enough. Behind the subwoofer you can find the controls to lower the volume (of the speakers and the woofer), the on and off button. Also behind the larger case is the system on or off button “Ecomode“.

However, do not worry about the inconvenience that could appear in thinking of having to reach the back of the woofer to access the functions of your audio set. The PC speakers in question are supplied with a practical wired remote control!

These we have selected from best PC speakers they therefore offer excellent sound, a lighting system and a practical peripheral for volume management.

If you don’t want to give up the best, you have to spend a few euros more!

the Logitech Z623 are the best PC speakers chosen for this category! THX certified audio and 400 Watt maximum peak are the business card of this sound system. Thanks to the multiple outputs (3, including RCA and 3.5 mm jack output) you can simultaneously connect the 2.1 system to your PC to a game console and to the TV without ever disconnecting anything.

All volumes can be controlled in a practical and functional way. In fact, on the right satellite you will find the on and off button, the bass and volume control as well as a practical headphone output. The materials chosen and the attention to detail have guaranteed these PC speakers THX certification, a guarantee, for perfect sound.

Best PC Speakers To Buy |  October 2021

Best surround or 5.1 PC speakers | High end

If so far we have talked about audio systems capable of guaranteeing contained measures and moderate prices, from now on we have changed the register. The speakers for PCs with 5.1 system are the best you could ask for. Provided you have adequate space and budget, you will be able to have the best PC audio solution seen so far.

If the solutions seen up to this moment were developed in a totally frontal way, in this case we totally change. To make the most of the directional audio of the 5 satellite speakers plus subwoofer, the PC speakers must be positioned in a precise and omnidirectional manner. The breakage 5.1 they have been designed to offer maximum identification when watching a movie or during gaming sessions. By placing the speakers on the 4 sides of the person (three at the front and two at the shoulders), you will enjoy a three-dimensional sound that will amaze even the most skeptical.

To better understand the positioning of the speakers you can take a look at the following photos.

Best PC Speakers to Buy |  October 2021

In this photo you can see the right positioning for a 2.1 sound system. Obviously nothing changes for the 2.0 system, just remove the subwoofer from the equation.

Best PC Speakers To Buy |  October 2021

In this other photo you can see the ideal accommodation for a system …