Best PlayStation 5 accessories: the 3 you can’t miss!

What are the best PlayStation 5 accessories to buy? Let’s go to the discovery of the 3 you can’t miss!

The most seasoned gamers will surely remember it, those who have recently entered the play world will have heard of it. There was a time when any discussion of video games ended with the same question: “What is the best console ever?”. Not surprisingly, during the nineties, there was also that phenomenon passed into videogame history as “Console War” where the Super Nintendo clashed mercilessly with the Sega Mega Drive.

A “fight”, however, which would soon meet another rival always coming from the lands of the Rising Sun. Bearing the Sony signature and wrapped in a curious gray shell, the first PlayStation presented itself to the world, creating a place in the hearts of video game enthusiasts.

Today, fortunately, all these differences have settled so much that some PlayStation characters, such as the legendary Snake from Metal Gear Solid, appear in titles belonging to other houses.

The passing of the years seems to have brought particularly good to the PlayStation and barring some unforeseen events, such as the very short existence of the PSP or the similar PlayStation Vita, the Sony consoles have continued to sell consistently in every corner of the world.

More and more interesting titles, legendary series, exceptional remastered, PlayStation exclusives and much more have marked the history of the Sony console, while the number of lovers and enthusiasts grew. Just think of what has happened in recent months with the appearance of the PlayStation 5, probably the first in history to have received a much greater number of requests for the machines produced.

Best PlayStation 5 accessories: the 3 you can’t miss!

If you are one of the lucky ones who can already say they have played it or, even better, who have already put it on display next to the TV in the living room, you will know how much the gaming experience on PS5 is enhanced by the use of accessories. In this article, we report the 3 that every gamer should have available!

  • DualSense Charging Station, to play without running out of power: How many times have you ever turned on the console, picked up the controller and noticed that it is empty? Maybe just when you wanted to play a game with a friend in your home or were preparing for an online tournament! With the DualSense Charging Station you can say goodbye to the problem as it is able to charge two controllers at a time without taking up unnecessary space. Try it with one of the new Dualsense available in elegant Cosmic Red or Midnight Black colors.
  • PULSE 3D Wireless Headset, enjoy the sound: Nothing will be the same after trying the Pulse 3D headphones! Ideal for a truly amazing gaming experience, they allow you to enjoy every single sound, letting you immerse yourself completely in the adventure. Comfortable and practical, they are perfect for talking to your friends during online games thanks to a crystal clear voice capture system. Goodbye hums and annoying background noises!
  • HD Camera, go with the video: If you are good at playing, why not make a nice stream of your videogame exploits? Of course with all the quality and fluidity that the HD Camera is able to offer! The compact design allows it to be placed securely above or below the TV and you can adjust the angle to suit your needs.