Best Power Banks for Nintendo Switch | November 2021

Do you often play too much with your Switch outside and don’t know how to recharge it? Here is the guide to the best power banks for the new Nintendo console

The duration of the battery of a Nintendo Switch in portable mode it is not that low. We know it definitely depends on the game, but its good 3-4 hours does it. Yet it often happens that you play games like Zelda: BOTW or FIFA 19 that eat up your battery in no time.

How can we continue to enjoy ourselves if we are on the road and don’t know how to recharge it? Don’t worry, the Nintendo Switch can also be recharged via an external battery. Let’s find out the best power banks for Nintendo Switch!

Best Power Banks for Nintendo Switch to buy

Below is the detailed list of the best power banks for Nintendo Switch.

Antank Pack Case cover with battery – Best Nintendo Switch power banks

Antank has made a battery pack specifically for the Nintendo Switch. It is nothing more than a power bank made as a cover that attaches to the Nintendo Switch and requires the use of another 3-4 hours of play. The pros of this cover are not only in the 6500 mAh, but also in the fact that it buys the console from any damage. Also, we will have two feet (kickstand) which can be positioned in three different ways e due slot porta game card. The battery will naturally be a burden for the console, which nevertheless remains manageable even with the power bank attached.

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Vinsic Power Bank – Migliori power bank Nintendo Switch

This external battery is truly remarkable. 20.000 mAh it is a considerable capacity that could make us very comfortable for the price we find on Amazon. This recharge volume, however, involves a larger size of the product, which can be stored in the pocket but with little comfort. Its size, however, allows you to have a display which indicates the charging percentage of the power bank, 2 output ports (microUSB e Type-C) and 3 output port (USB, USB 3.0 Quick Charge e Type-C). To charge the Nintendo Switch with the Vinsic power bank, a double Type-C cable will need to be purchased separately.

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Anker PowerCore + – Best Nintendo Switch Power Banks

A power bank from 20.100 mAh compatible not only with Switch but with any MacBook. Simple, without too many frills, it is an external battery that is capable of charging multiple devices at the same time. Also, in the original packaging we will receive all necessary cables to charge the Nintendo Switch or any other device, so even a double Type-C cable.

RAVPower – Best Nintendo Switch Power Banks

A great power bank with a name that is a guarantee. RAVPower stands for safety and reliability. Surely this power bank is no exception; with its 20,100 mAh and Quick Charge 3.0 both in and out, it allows you to get a 75% recharge in a short time. Of course, the speech does not only go to the Nintendo Switch but can also be extended to all other devices, including smartphones. In addition, RAVPower promises a recharge of the Nintendo Switch for a total of 2.5 times the original charge.

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The best cables for Nintendo Switch power banks

Of course not all cables they are equal. Personally I use those present in the power bank package, but many times I am wary of these too. For this reason, I rely on cables made by a valid brand that I can trust. I recommend a few, both USB to Type-C and double Type-C.

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See you next month!

This buying guide at best power banks for Nintendo Switch ends here. Do not hesitate to use the comments box below for any doubt or question about the suggested products.

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