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Best Roblox Games | June 2023

From babies, for babies: the best games available on Roblox for the month of June 2023, with a truly exceptional consultant!

Welcome to our new monthly column dedicated to Robloxwhere we will talk about best games of the current month: we start, of course, with a top 10 of the experiences of June 2023 worthy of ending up among our highlights. We know what you’re wondering: wasn’t it a standalone game? Actually, similar to Fortnite, the title has become more one platform what else, allowing users to share their creations. The categories are divided according to the criteria for the selection to be carried out: you can choose the adventures played by your friends, but we have complied (with the niece of the writer to act as Virgil) to the most voted ones, placing them in order of Appreciation percentage (updated to this morning). Let’s not delay any longer!

Squid Game | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

Roblox exists somewhat in its bubble, and although it is aimed at players of all ages (mainly the younger ones) there are games that are more aimed at a mature audience, as is the case with Squid game (56% by upvote), forerunner of the best of June 2023. Naturally the experience itself is limited to being aimed at users aged nine and up, but… as the Mr. Incredible meme states, there are those who don’t know and those who, instead, you know. Your knowledge of English does not lie: it is an unofficial adaptation of Squid Game, however relegating the replication of lethal disciplines to a more rounded playable version of Games Without Borders. Or Takeshi’s Castle. Or the Genodrome of Ciao Darwin, you see…

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Scala 2000 Stairs for vip Obby | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

We know what you’re wondering: shouldn’t VIP be capitalized? Seriously, the premise of Scala 2000 Stairs for vip Obby (65%) should sound familiar: Climb more than two thousand steps to declare yourself victorious. Of course it is also possible to collect the most suitable items to eliminate other players as they try to reach the top. If your copy of Fall Guys (or Kirby’s Dream Buffet, if you’re a true gourmet) has ringing ears, it’s no accident. Get ready to curse the next one, especially if you play with the cumbersome controls of the mobile version!

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Happy Land | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

After making a thousand flights into the void, between unstable glass bridges and atrocious stairways, how about a little relaxation? Happy Land (65%) is here for this: the premise is the simplest and most relaxing you can imagine. We take this opportunity to remind you that, although free, Roblox provides microtransactions for in-game currency, i Robux. Keep this in mind before buying cosmetic items to show off on the map in question. As you can see from the preview image dedicated to the experience in eighth position, there is also an amusement park complete with a Ferris wheel. Better than that… there are the other seven positions.

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Show on the catwalk | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

And if you want a more chic alternative to Terra Felice, most likely Show on the catwalk (75%) may work for you. Your outfits come in handy here too, but with a catwalk (precisely) to be exploited in limited-time competitions. Try to coordinate your clothes in the best possible way to make a good impression. The need for an aesthetic sense proves to be fundamental, which can be excellent for those who have it… but it is also the reason why we are not even in the top five. Not that this is a deterrent, of course, but perhaps it is appropriate to offer you another faithful reconstruction.

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Encantato | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

If you are still trying to recover from the whiplash of Squid Game, try the magical mansion of Charm (78%). Faithfully replicating the appearance of the house seen in the Disney feature film of the same name, this user-created experience will prove to be decidedly more in tune with the target Roblox is aimed at. The reason for missing top five is un bug minore, but it’s nothing that hasn’t already been worked around with a ruse. It will be enough for you to sit down, in fact, to fix everything. How about a little even now? Well yes, this is actually a top 11!

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Adopt Me! and Obby but you can’t jump | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

With a 83% split for both, in fact, we have a equally. In the case of Adopt Me! the premise is simple to summarize. It is a management system in which to adopt and look after your creatures. In addition to customizing the house in which everything is set and sharing the results you have obtained with friends, there are in-game cosmetic elements dedicated to the month of representation of gender minorities (which has been June for a few years). And rainbows are also found in Obby but you can’t jump, quite self-explanatory in its name. At the end of the parkour experience, you can unlock the jump to drive other players crazy halfway through!

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Brookhaven | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

Just below the podium we have Brookhaven (87%), definitely one of the most loved creations by users. It’s a pretty neat life simulator, in which you can find yourself with your friends. To have your own home you need Robux, of course, but this does not prevent the experience from proving to be an authentic ante litteram metaverse. With the chat it is possible to communicate in real time with all the friends connected at that moment, while the avatar can be customized even in its height. Your control also extends to the expressive sprites you apply to faces, as well as the tints of your house… if you have it, that is.

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Piglet | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

While Squid Game was a simple and innocent (?) reference to Squid Game, in the case of Little pig we are facing a real horror experience. That 90% it only reminds us of the fear in the Neapolitan grimace, given that the concept of Five Nights At Freddy’s has been applied (in a grotesquely similar way to the vulgar splatter reinterpretation of Winnie The Pooh in theaters) to the aesthetics of Peppa Pig. The escape character, Piggy, reminds us more of the recently introduced Professor Pyg in the Batman comics. Luckily, you’ll be able to survive on the items you find around, as well as crouch and set traps. Good luck!

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Color Block Run! | Roblox, the best games of June 2023

At this point we doubt about any automatic translations by the Roblox showcase, but Color Block Run! (91%) is exactly that: a race on colored blocks. Indeed, quoting the official description, a “fun color run in Color Block Run!” but we’ve largely finished making budgies, because experience doesn’t need many pleasantries to prove its solidity. Your task is to run to the finish line without falling, and then stay on the chosen color before the timer reaches zero. If the basic idea sounds similar to Mario Party… well, when an idea is good, why change it?

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023


The gold medal, for this month, if he wins DOORS with an appreciation of the 94%. It’s a horror experience based… on doors, not Jim Morrison’s band. And that’s all we can tell you about it. In fact, the description of the game implores us to live it all with the minimum wage of knowledge, because progress takes place by trial and error. Every failure must be a lesson. We recommend that photosensitive readers consider this an extra position and give Gold to Color Block Run!, but if you don’t suffer from epilepsy prepare your good headphones and play with the performance at least 60%.

Best Roblox Games |  June 2023

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: how would you have drawn up the ranking? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.