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TCL: the new NXTPAPER 11 is coming soon

New TCL NXTPAPER 11 for better user experience! The Rise of Full-Colour Electronic Displays for Mobile Devices

With the average daily time spent on screens increasing, more and more users want to be sure they can work, study and play without compromising eye health. In this context, the emergence of e-readers and paper-like displays seems to be the right solution.

By simulating the look of ink on paper, these displays aim to provide a comfortable and eye-pleasing experience. bridging the gap between traditional reading methods and digital technology. One technology that stands out in this innovative space is TCL’s NXTPAPER technologywhich incorporates a completely new electronic color display.

TCL: the new NXTPAPER 11 is coming soon

Technical solutions overview: TCL NXTPAPER 11

While e-ink displays are a popular choice for their reading comfort, they are limited by their black and white color rendition. As for the paper-like aspect, some solutions simply add an opaque protective film to traditional tablets, sometimes compromising the quality of the screen.

Unlike these, TCL NXTPAPER technology is a complete hardware and software solution that offers color electronic displays. TCL NXTPAPER technology allows users to comfortably use screens for extended periods; limiting harmful emissions of blue light and using an anti-reflective glass to minimize reflected light.

TCL’s expertise in displays has bridged the gap by offering a full range of NXTPAPER Android tablets, with the latest addition being TCL NXTPAPER 11.

TÜV certified, crisp and clear even under direct sunlight

Industry experts have praised the TCL NXTPAPER 11 tablet for successfully incorporating totally new display technology into its design. The 11-inch 2K display delivers crisp, immersive images that can be viewed comfortably from any angle.

In addition, the TÜV-certified screen ensures users can work and play safely without straining their eyes.

TCL NXTPAPER 11: what’s new

The TCL NXTPAPER 11 takes a significant leap forward from its predecessor, incorporating advanced features to further elevate the user experience. In fact, it is up to 150% brighterensuring a vibrant and clear view even in well-lit environments.

The device also features a direct sunlight display mode, making it perfect for outdoor use. Additionally, the color temperature adjustment feature allows users to customize the warmth and coolness of the screen to suit their preferences. Achieving a more comfortable and personalized viewing experience.

Another benefit of paper-like displays is the ability to mimic the tactile experience of traditional reading and writing methods. TCL NXTPAPER 11 addresses this need with one Low latency T-pen stylus. This tool offers a pressure sensitivity of 4096 levels. A feature that offers a realistic and fluid writing experience, which appeals to those who appreciate the feel of pen on paper. (T-pen not included in package)*

Becoming the new state of the art on mobile devices?

David Derrida, Product Director EMEA di TCL Communicationhighlighted the user-centric approach behind the development of NXTPAPER 11:

Our main goal is to respond to users’ ever-changing needs by ensuring a comfortable and safe viewing experience that bridges the gap between conventional forms of reading and modern technology. Furthermore, by standardizing and unifying our design language, we can adapt this technology to different mobile devices, creating a cohesive and intuitive experience that ultimately improves the overall user experience.

TCL: the new NXTPAPER 11 is coming soon

The future of TCL NXTPAPER

The rise of color electronic displays, exemplified by the latest TCL NXTPAPER 11, is set to improve the mobile device industry. By offering users a more comfortable and stress-free viewing experience, these innovative displays have the potential to transform the way we consume digital content. As well as prioritizing eye care in the daily use of technology.

As the market leader offering this innovative solution, TCL is at the forefront of this exciting new direction in technology.

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