Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

Here we are once again at our appointment with the guides to navigate the boundless catalogs on demand. This time we dedicate ourselves to those moments when we feel a little more sentimental, offering you the ranking of the 10 best romantic movies on Netflix

Romantic films are often a mistreated category, especially by the male audience (but also by myself!). They are considered dull, sweet, not very faithful to reality … but don’t be snobbish, because that’s not always the case! Love can have infinite declinations, and looking through romantic films we can find real pearls.

Also on Netflix, drug of many cinephiles, we find a large catalog of love films, starting with the most classic ones such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The danger is that of running into hardly digestible products, so we decided to help you by drafting the ranking of the 10 best romantic movies on Netflix, focusing on releases from 2000 onwards. So be careful, because this will be a list of romantic movies dedicated to you who don’t like romantic movies too!

Our top 10

So let’s go to the discovery of best romantic movies selected by us, currently available on the most popular streaming platform to date.

10 – Friends, lovers and… (2011) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

Let’s start with the film which is probably the lightest on the whole list. I know, I promised you to leave aside the rhetoric, and sometimes Friends, lovers and…, directed by Ivan Reitman, it falls with all the shoes, just as its protagonists will fall into each other’s arms. Naughty Emma (Natalie Portman) and clumsy Adam (Ashton Kutcher) get to know each other on the campsite, and life’s events lead them to meet again ‘when they grow up’. The two embark on a relationship at the opposite of romance, promising not to get involved in a love story, but who knows if things will really turn out like this. This time we are in the parts of romantic comedy, but we manage to compromise thanks to a good script, finally nice characters and funny situations.

The film does its dirty job, and if you’re in the mood for fresh, fun and undemanding viewing is for you.

9 – Tune in for love (2019) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

The East share is represented by this romantic film directed by the acclaimed director Jung Ji-woo, which despite not being at its best, satisfies our desire for love that goes against everything and everyone. The two protagonists, Mi-soo (Kim Go-eun) and Hyun-woo (Jung Hae-in), will have to struggle and overcome a thousand obstacles over the years to fulfill their dream of love.

The sensitivity and the delicacy typical of a certain oriental cinema they manage to make this film not too dull, also delving into themes such as guilt and trust.

8 – The Incredible Jessica James (2017) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

A comedy about love and about the human being, this one by Jim Strouse. Carefree but not too much, overflowing like her protagonist, Jessica (Jessica Williams), an aspiring playwright who has just gotten out of an important relationship and finds herself putting the pieces of herself together and resolving what holds her in suspense.

In this case you will not find anything revolutionary, but the vision flows pleasant thanks to brilliant dialogues and to one adherence to reality quite strong.

7 – Tramps (2016) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must see

This little independent film directed by Adam Leon can be defined as a ‘romantic adventure sui generis. Ellie (Grace Van Patten) and Danny (Callum Turner) meet by chance in New York during a shady job, but due to some complications they will be forced to spend 24 hours together and get to know each other better, between aspirations and desire for a better life. The story is simple and light, but not predictable, and combines the tones of a crime comedy with more sentimental tones, those of the birth of an ‘atypical’ relationship characterized by extreme delicacy. Excellent the two protagonists and the soundtrack.

A ‘boy meets girl’ apparently like all the others, but who succeeds in the arduous intent of scratching the shell of us not very romantic.

6 – Shéhérazade (2018) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

On his directorial debut, Jean-Bernard Marlin gives us a neorealist drama which is also one intense love story. We are on the outskirts of Marseille, and Zach (Dylan Robert) is a 17-year-old who grew up on the streets between delinquency and crime. As soon as he comes out of juvenile prison, he meets Shéhérazade (Kenza Fortas), a girl of his age who prostitutes herself to survive. Their love is born between the filth of a reality that made them grow too fast and the violence of their destinies. When faced with a difficult choice, Zach decides to sacrifice himself for the girl’s sake.

There is nothing more romantic than a love that cannot be defeated even by the wickedness of life.

5 – Call me by your name (2017) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

In this ranking we also find space to pay homage to Italian cinema, with one of the most acclaimed films of recent years, especially in Hollywood. The film of Luca Guadagnino, which boasts the name of James Ivory to the screenplay, is the tale of a passionate and tender love at the same time. Seventeen-year-old Elio (Timothée Chalamet), the son of a university professor, spends his summer holidays with his family, reading, music and going out with friends. The arrival of the charming American Oliver (Armie Hammer), a guest at their country estate for the writing of the post-doctoral thesis, will change things for both. What arises between the two young people is an unstoppable desire. The strength of the film is the representation of a universal love that does not fall into the trap of searching for scandal at all costs.

Guadagnino manages to fill the decadent and almost bogus characters of the intellectual high bourgeoisie with passion and ardor, but also delicacy and tenderness.

4 – Her (2013) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

Gives Spike Jonze we couldn’t expect anything different. A great reflection on love and the human being, with that touch of madness, in a near future where technology is king. At the center of it all is Theo’s (Joaquin Phoenix) loneliness and inability to communicate, a man who describes the feelings of others for a living, unable to live his own. Maybe that’s why he falls in love with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), his operating system. ‘She’ becomes for him a means by which to enjoy the world again, looking at things with the eyes of love and rediscovering lost beauty.

Romanticism is perhaps not in the idea of ​​a love that necessarily seems unnatural to us, but in finding oneself and returning to life. In the close-ups of Joaquin Phoenix, capable of holding the entire film practically by itself, there is all this.

3 – Your name (2016) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

In our ranking there is also room for an animated film. After the wonderful 5 cm per second, Makoto Shinkai gives us another masterpiece. Mitsua is a high school student tired of her monotonous life in a mountain village, while Taki is a contemporary of hers who lives in Tokyo and works as a waiter, while nurturing a strong passion for drawing. The two don’t know each other, but one day they wake up in each other’s body, and find themselves forced into a stranger body and life, at least until the next day. What would seem a classic comedy of misunderstandings is revealed in the second part of the film in all its greatness, resulting in the romantic story that leads him to be included in this ranking.

Trust me: the less you know, the better, so if you haven’t seen it yet, fix it right away, getting lost in the beautiful images and in the chaos of emotions that this film gives us. And maybe you will begin to believe in destiny …

2 – Adele’s life (2013) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

Probably the masterpiece of Abdellatif Kechiche, winner of the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. The protagonist is Adele (Adèle Exarchopoulos), a young woman whose events we follow since adolescence, with the discovery of sexuality, passions, all-encompassing love for Emma (Léa Seydoux), until adulthood. The amazing thing about this film is the delicacy and at the same time theardor with which Kechiche describes the sentiment of the two girls. But the real beating heart of the film is its protagonist, who offers us a total and disarming interpretation and offers herself body and soul, transcending the boundary between reality and acting.

Three hours of vision that fly, because we seem to be dealing with a slice of life.

1 – If you leave me I will delete you (2004) | Best romantic movies on Netflix

Best romantic movies on Netflix: top 10 must-see

In the first place there could only be him, Michel gondry and his wonderful The eternal sunshine of a spotless mind. That is the love film of that generation of eternal dissatisfied and imperfect human beings. What would happen if your ex decides to erase all memories of you from their minds? That’s what happens to Joel (Jim Carrey), when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) has gone to a clinic to request such a drastic service: to wipe it out of his head. What Gondry brings out is a movie where poetry, dreams, feelings and reality come together perfectly, and where the protagonists learn to face pain by looking at the past and what it was with different eyes without regret.

Unmissable masterpiece.

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