Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking | March 2021

What are the best-selling cars in Italy? From year to year we will analyze and report the data regarding sales and new registrations in our country, a little to guide your future purchases, a little to satisfy the curiosity of you passionate about engines.

The automobile market is one of the largest, most important and profitable in the world and thousands of new vehicles are sold every month in our country, but which will be the favorites of Italians? We will update this year by year ranking of the best-selling cars in Italy to understand what the sales trend is in the Bel Paese and also to inspire your future purchases! The data refer to data on new registrations provided by UNRAE (National Union of Foreign Motor Vehicles). In addition to the numbers, we will also attach short presentations of the 10 best-selling cars in Italy.

1) Fiat Panda – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

The Italian small car par excellence seems to be the favorite of Italians: with the new modern and less squared design, the Fiat Panda is configured as an economical vehicle, but complete and easy to use in all circumstances. There length of only 365 cm and very light steering allows the vehicle to be maneuvered with extreme ease. The engine features range from classic 69 bhp 1.2 petrol engine, to the more responsive 85 bhp 0.9 twin cylinder (methane version also available). In the course of 2020, a 1.0 three-cylinder version will also arrive for a better compromise between performance and consumption. And for the more adventurous there is always the Panda 4 × 4 or City Cross version!

Units sold: 138,132

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

2) Smart Fortwo – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

Small, sparkling and with a renewed modern and captivating design: this is the winning combo for Smart Fortwo. The compact car par excellence it offers a 131-liter trunk and decent space for 2 passengers in just 2.70 meters in length. Agility is definitely the strong point of this car: small size and tight turning radius allow it to slip almost anywhere in the city. The 71 hp 1.0 engine isn’t snappy, but it does its job. There is also an electric version for the greener pilots. Despite its small size it has managed to get a good place in the ranking of the best-selling cars in Italy!

Units sold: 26,034

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

3) Dacia Duster – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

The SUV is within everyone’s reach with Dacia Duster! The Romanian brand maintains its trademark: even its “SUVs” are characterized by a enormous value for money. You do not expect refined finishes and a sophisticated design from this car, but it has everything you need as standard and even something more like the standard side airbags. Available in both 4 × 4 and front-wheel drive versions, it is a good vehicle to use both in the city – even if it measures over 4 meters – and off road. Among the engines, i 1.5 diesel are quite reactive, and above all regular and conservative consumption. The turbocharged petrol engines are also good: 1.0 (three-cylinder) and 1.3. LPG-powered engines will be available shortly.

Units sold: 43,701

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

4) Lancia Ypsilon – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

The model that works best on the market of the historic Italian house after the modernization. Lancia Ypsilon is a chic and practical model, but above all it is a modern vehicle that integrates state-of-the-art multimedia and functional systems for a small car. It actually shares a lot with the Fiat 500 under the bodywork. The best engine is certainly a 1.2 petrol which offers an excellent performance / consumption ratio. The TwinAir turbo version is certainly more aggressive, but consumption goes up. Lancia Ypsilon remains a very manageable vehicle and sold at a reasonable price, but perhaps most of all the design was appreciated.

Units sold: 58,759

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

5) Renault Captur – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

The new generation of the French crossover, based on the same platform as the Clio and Nissan Juke, has been raised by a few centimeters to make it more comfortable: the interiors are in fact much more spacious. The design has also been renewed with several elements, such as the new headlights with the characteristic “C” shape. But not only on the outside: the interior has also been modernized with more refined finishes and more precious materials such as soft plastics on the dashboard. The new digital instrumentation has also taken a big step forward with the new displays of about 10 inches. The engines available are a 101 bhp 1.0 petrol engine (also available with LPG fueling), the 131 bhp and 154 bhp 1.3 and 95 and 116 bhp 1.5 diesel models. In 2020, the combined 160 HP E-Tech Plug-in rechargeable hybrid version will be added, with 1.6 petrol and a 9.8 kWh battery.

Units sold: 32,184

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

6) Jeep Compass – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

It is a medium-sized crossover (439/182/163 cm) which combines elegance and comfort: in addition to being spacious, the interior is well redefined and the seats are very ergonomic. Thanks also to the perfectly balanced suspension, journeys are always comfortable on any type of road. A touch of modernity also gives the multimedia system with a 8.4 inch large screen above the simple and intuitive controls. Already basic version has numerous options included such as radio with Bluetoot and driving aid systems. As engines we find a decent 120 bhp 1.6 or a more sprinting 140 bhp 2.0 among the best configurations.

Units sold: 35,568

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

7) Fiat 500X – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

Crossover again with the Fiat 500X: the muscular version of the chic little subcompact. With its 4.30 meters it is certainly not compact like her little sister, but still more comfortable and manageable than many others in the city. All the more in comfort, with a much more comfortable driving position, such as the spacious rear seats. The design is very original and detaches itself from the original thanks to the rounded and rounded lines. More than anything else, it is a car to be used in the city, but comfortable even on a little rough roads. Fiat 500X can be equipped with a petrol 1.0 turbo (120 hp) and 1.3 turbo (150 hp), or diesel 1.3 (95 hp) and 1.6 (120 hp). Thanks to its peculiar characteristics, the Fiat 500X deserves a place in our ranking of the best-selling cars in Italy!

Units sold: 42,554

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

8) Renault Clio – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

A dynamic and modern subcompact, this is the new Renault Clio. A great breakthrough was made in the interior: both the dashboard design and the multimedia system have been redesigned for the needs of contemporary motorists. A large number of options can be configured such as wireless charging for smartphones and driver assistance systems. But also automatic braking (standard), cruise control, up to level 2 autonomous driving (regulation of speed and distance from others). For a car measuring 405/180 / 144cm it is also well organized and roomy. I’m different configurations available, starting from the “small” 1.0 TCe with three-cylinder 101 HP turbo, up to the 1.5 dCi diesel version with 86 or 116 HP and the LPG variant of the 1.0 TCe. Other news are however expected for 2020.

Units sold: 41,792

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

9) Jeep Renegade – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

Even though it shares the same base as the 500X, we are faced with a car that is totally different in appearance. Spaces have been optimized to get the most out of the 4.24 meters of this car – the only downside is the not too spacious trunk. Despite being a Jeep and the design is rather spartan (even if well finished in the details), this Renegade it’s more of a city car than an off-road vehicle. However, the 4WD versions have a raised structure more suitable for off-road use. Here too there are many possible configurations: the three-cylinder 1.0 petrol engine is a quiet and silent engine, but also a good 1.6 diesel with 120 HP.

Units sold: 41,683

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

10) Dacia Sandero – Ranking of best-selling cars in Italy

Super economic, simple and functional utility car. Dacia Sandero delivers a modern design and finishes that are certainly not refined, but still dignified. The spaces are well distributed and you can travel comfortably even when fully loaded. There is also a good trunk for a car measuring about 4 meters in length. The suspension also performs well on rough roads and cornering. There are some flaws, but the price is really super and you can’t expect miracles. As engines we find a 73 bhp three-cylinder 1.0 petrol engine and a 75 bhp 1.5 dCi turbodiesel.

Units sold: 35,340

Best-selling cars in Italy: the ranking |  March 2021

The ranking in short

  • Fiat Panda
  • Smart Fortwo
  • Dacia Duster
  • Lancia Ypsilon
  • Renault Capture
  • Jeep Compass
  • Fiat 500 X
  • Renualt Clio
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Dacia Sandero
  • See you at the next registration!

    These were the 10 best-selling cars in Italy this year, but what awaits us in the future? Do you have any predictions? Have you readers contributed in any way to these statistics? Perhaps you might find it useful to read our guide to cheap cars. That’s all for now! Keep following us to find out more!