Best Selling Smartphones – Ranking | March 2021

Smartphone più venduti – Classifica

What are the best-selling smartphones of the moment? Let’s find out in our guide dedicated to the ranking of the best-selling smartphones

The world of smartphone is always evolving, among all the various manufacturers new devices are announced almost every week. The top of the range are presented on average every 10 months! In such a world, choosing the right product is really complex.

We have already talked about it in this buying guide that deals with best smartphones to buy. We then also analyzed the “Chinese smartphone” market in this other buying guide. At this point we wondered, but thereand what do people actually buy in the end? And here we are with our “Best Selling Smartphones – Ranking” guide.

Best Selling Smartphones – Ranking

In this part of the guide we will simply go to explore what are the most acquired devices. We would like to specify that this Ranking it is not written by us, it is simply based on data that Amazon provides about its sales volumes so as to be objective. This list will automatically update day by day, dynamically reporting the variations among the Best Sellers. To avoid being too verbose, we will only consider the top 10 positions among the best-selling smartphones.

Surprised not to see even a top of the range or an iPhone among the best-selling smartphones? We don’t: usually the top of the range sell much less than the lower-end products, especially now that their prices are almost inaccessible to most people.

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