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Best smartphones under 400 euros | November 2023

In this buying guide you will find the 5 best smartphones under 400 euros to buy this November, take advantage of the offers!

If you are willing to spend a little more than smartphones under 300 euros to have a little more quality, in this purchasing guide you will find the list of best smartphones under 400 euros which we absolutely recommend you buy. These smartphones, compared to those in the previous list, offer something more to justify their slightly higher but still low price. Let’s begin!

Best smartphones under 400 euros |  November 2023

Realme 11 Pro 5G | The best smartphones under 400 euros

Il Realme 11 Pro 5g it is a mid-range smartphone that offers an excellent, complete and balanced experience. The design is elegant and refined and the screen is based on technology Super AMOLED, with FHD+ 1080p resolution, a maximum brightness of 950 nits and a refresh rate of 120 Hz which gives a fluid and clean experience. The performance is equally excellent, thanks to the SoC MediaTek Dimensity 7050 and large, fast memories, both internal and RAM. The battery is very long (5000 mh) and charges quickly (100 W). The 200 MP main camera takes high quality photos even in low light, assisted by a modest 8 MP ultrawide and a 2 MP macro. Absolutely recommended purchase!

Best smartphones under 400 euros |  November 2023

Samsung Galaxy A54 | The best smartphones under 400 euros

For a couple of generations, Samsung has dominated the market with its Samsung Galaxy Famili A, always being among the most recommendable due to the excellent products and the economical price. The Samsung Galaxy A54 has a lot to offer: a very good one 120 Hz AMOLED panel, decent cameras (even if it lacks zoom, but the main one has OIS), expandable memory and an excellent battery. A big flaw, however, is the choice to remove the audio jack. The SoC is a perfectly good one Exynos 1380, the 5000 mh battery achieves a long life that will take you through the evening with ease, even if it lacks a little in charging speed (only 25 W). The software support it is very respectable, even if it does not reach the levels of the S models.

Best smartphones under 400 euros |  November 2023

Xiaomi Poco F5 | The best smartphones under 400 euros

This model has just arrived on the market and remains faithful to the formula that made Xiaomi’s fortune: the new Little F5 in fact it has excellent performance, rock-bottom prices e.g quality display. Lo Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 2 it’s an excellent starting point, plus spacious and fast memories, an excellent display OLED FHD+ a 120 Hz, a long-lasting 5000 mh battery and very fast charging that make this smartphone very respectable. The flaw lies in photographic sector, which isn’t disastrous, but there are competitors at the same price that offer better ones. Some features that many users now aspire to are missing, such as optical stabilizer, but the price is really inviting and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 also requires a significant economic effort from the producers. The only negative is the software supportwhich is expected to receive only two versions of the OS and a third year of security patches only.

Best smartphones under 400 euros |  November 2023

Xiaomi 13 Lite | The best smartphones under 400 euros

Lo Xiaomi 13 Lite it recently arrived on the market, this winter 2023. As is easy to imagine, this is the economical version of Xiaomi’s top of the range series, the sacrifices have a certain weight but otherwise the price is really excellent. However, this smartphone isn’t bad, it actually has a OLED display with FHD+ resolution and 120 Hz maximum refresh rate, a modest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chip coupled with abundant memories, and a photographic setup even equipped with an auxiliary camera on the front. He has one 5000 mh battery and a recharge with remarkable speed, considering the price range (65 W), the dimensions are small and the usability is decent. The speaker is good but not phenomenal. The weak point is the software supportthe model was released on the market with Android 12 and only two updates.

Best smartphones under 400 euros |  November 2023

Motorola Edge 40 | The best smartphones under 400 euros

Launched on the market at the beginning of 2023, the Motorola Edge 40 it is the basic model of the Chinese manufacturer’s family. Edge 40 is equipped with a valid SoC Dimensity 8020 from MediaTek, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. This smartphone is perfect for daily use and also for the most intense gaming sessions (but pay attention to temperatures). The display is a true flagship. 6.55″ diagonal, 144 Hz maximum refresh, FHD+ 1080p resolution, pOLED technology, beautiful colors and lots of brightness. The autonomy is remarkable, considering its “only” 4,400 mAh battery. Fast charging at 68 W is also excellent. There are two cameras: a 50 MP main one (with a remarkable f/1.4 aperture) and a 13 MP ultra-wide angle one. The operating system is Android 13 and the software support is great, except for update policy: moving from Android 12 to Android 13 for Lenovo is the worst of the sector.

Good purchase!

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