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Shōgun: here is the Italian trailer for the Disney Plus series

Finally, the trailer for Shōgun, the new Disney Plus miniseries, has been published in Italy too. Let’s find out

Just a few days ago we gave you news of a brand new TV series coming out in the United States, on the Hulu platform. It was a matter of time before this new production was officially announced in Italy too. Disney Plusholder of the rights to Hulu abroad, has in fact just published the trailer subtitled in Italian by Shōgun. Let’s find out together with new plot details, just leaked.

Shōgun: here is the Italian trailer for the Disney Plus series

Plot | Shōgun: here is the Italian trailer for the Disney Plus series

Together with the trailer, new juicy details regarding the plot have emerged. In fact, we know that the story will be set in 1600s feudal Japan. Here Lord Yoshii Toranaga he is forced to deal with his numerous political enemies, united against him, in the Council of Regents. The man will soon get to know John Blackthorne, an English pilot, found on board an abandoned European ship, near a village. The two men could prove to be a great asset to each other. In the lives of the two there will also be room for Toda Mariko, a noblewoman who will act as their interpreter and who hides many family secrets. Shōgun is co-created by Rachel Kondo e Justin Marks. The cast includes Cosmo Jarvis, Hiroyuki Sanada e Anna Sawai.

The Italian release date

We remind you that the miniseries, which promises to be a major global event, is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by James Clavell from which a TV series had already been based in the past. The new version will consist of 10 episodes and it will land on Disney Plus in February. We can already have a taste of what awaits us in trailer that we have made available to you above. Continue following to find out, more precisely, the release date of Shōgun.

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