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Best tech gifts | August 2023

Run out of ideas for gifts for your friends and family? Let’s find out together the best tech gifts for all categories!

Even if the Christmas season has passed for a while now, it’s always the right time to give a gift to the people you love. You must carefully choose the gifts to give and, also thanks to the situation COVIDperhaps you are thinking of making your purchases online.

If you are looking for some technological ideas to always be able to amaze, follow me in the next lines, where I show you the best tech gifts for your friends or relatives.


Smartphones – Best tech gifts

Here we play it safe, with one smartphone it is hardly wrong.

Android o iOS, Apple o Samsung, high, medium or low range: nowadays there are smartphones for all tastes and budgets. I advise you:

Tablet – Best tech gifts

Hybrid device halfway between a smartphone and a laptop, the tablet lends itself to different usage scenarios.

Useful for leisure and work, tablets are the right compromise between performance and portability. Some models, like the ones you find below, are equipped with a pen to give vent to your creativity or take notes on the fly.

Smartwatches and Smartbands – Best tech gifts

More and more common on our wrists, smartwatch e smartbandprovide several functions, including sports monitoring, notification and call management and much more.

By choosing one of the recommended ones, you will certainly make a welcome gift.

Smart speaker – Best tech gifts

The voice assistants they are slowly becoming an integral part of our lives, simplifying many aspects of the daily routine.

I show you the best smart speaker currently available equipped withGoogle voice assistant o Amazon (Alexa)waiting for the first branded model to arrive in Italy too Apple.

No products found.

Consoles and peripherals – Best tech gifts

And here we are at the Sheldonian dilemma. PlayStation 5 o Xbox Series X? In this case I advise you to ask the person concerned so as not to make a mistake!

If, on the other hand, you want to give a gift to an enthusiast of motor games, a nice one steering wheel + seat it’s the ideal combo to make him happy for sure.

Video Games – Best Tech Gifts

After the consoles it’s the turn of video games. Here too the choices are endless, so carefully choose the one that best suits the person you want to give it to.

My list:

Smart TVs – Best tech gifts

Who doesn’t like to enjoy their favorite shows and movies while sitting comfortably on the sofa? Or play on the new Next-Gen consoles? Why do this on a mediocre TV?

A Smart TV last generation , 4K and maybe OLEDis what you need to see the best i movies and TV series you love and to play with the new ones PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X. For you I have selected:

No products found.

TWS Headphones & Earphones – Best Tech Gifts

It’s the turn of music lovers: they know the importance of having good ones headphones to have a satisfying listening experience.

The solutions that I propose are all wirelessas per the trend of recent times, which sees the earphones no longer as a simple means to listen to music but as an advanced tool with more features.

Laptops – Best tech gifts

Nowadays it is difficult to extricate oneself in the world of technology, given the current saturation of the market. The category of is no exception notebooksince they are found in all price ranges.

From those for leisure to those for gaming, passing through those aimed at work and productivity among the models listed below you will surely find the laptop computer most suitable.

PC Components and Peripherals – Best Tech Gifts

Geeks and gamers? Nothing better than some component hardware o peripherals per PC!

CPU (processor) e GPU (video card), above all the latest AMD and NVIDIA innovations, will surely be the most appreciated gifts by PC enthusiasts, but even a good mechanical keyboard or a mouse will certainly not be refused.

In this category I recommend:

Photography – Best tech gifts

This space is dedicated to photography lovers. My choice fell on products with a relatively low price, given that four-figure figures can easily be reached for both camera bodies and lenses.

It’s up to you to choose whether to give one reflex or one mirrorlessperhaps accompanied by a good objective.

E-book reader – Best tech gifts

For lovers of reading nothing more apt than a E-bookwhich combines convenience and practicality, allowing you to always have hundreds if not thousands of books with you.

I have selected for you the best e-readers available, different in price and size.

Electric scooters – Best tech gifts

Very comfortable for short trips, i electric scooters they are spreading like wildfire, also thanks to the recent government incentives for their purchase.

From the perspective of a green renewal he was born in savingsyou will surely make a welcome gift by choosing one of these models:

Good purchase!

These are the best tech gifts currently available on the market. Keep following us so you don’t miss out on other valuable buying guides.

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