SumUp: the ideal solution for POS payments

SumUp: the ideal solution for POS payments

Activating the POS requires some sort of market survey to understand what the best solution is. One reality that is becoming more and more important in this area is SumUp

Would you like to buy a POS and don’t know where to start? The POS is the device that allows digital payment. Starting with the budget law of 2020, the POS has become mandatory. In fact, from 1 July 2020 all merchants, freelancers, owners of commercial and production activities must necessarily have this type of device to allow customers to pay in digital format.

L’activation of the POS however it requires you to do some sort of market survey to understand which is the best solution to your needs. A reality that is becoming increasingly important in this area is SumUp. SumUp, in fact, provides its customers with advanced devices from a technological point of view, namely i Portable POS.

SumUp card readers

SumUp offers its customers several card readers that offer the digital payment service. In particular, you can choose fast, mobile and functional devices. They are fast because they allow you to receive money in a few clicks and through the use ofSumUp app. In addition, there will be direct credits to your current account.

They are functional because they allow you to manage all transactions from a single platform and then the receipts can be either printed or sent by e-mail or text message.

Another feature of the SumUp card readers is that they are portable. They can therefore be taken anywhere if needed or used at the point of sale. They are wireless and all have mobile data included. All SumUp devices have a fixed cost of zero and they are very welcome card readers to use because they only provide for the cost of the transaction.

SumUp, card readers and costs

SumUp offers its customers three different types of card readers. In the comparison between SumUp card readers you have to make a difference between those with printer and those not.

There is the Air card reader which connects through the free SumUp app with your Smartphone device or tablet and smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to make up to 530 transactions with a single charge. It is also available with the charging base and is enabled both at the Cashback that ai payments via link via app.

We then find the 3G card reader which, on the other hand, does not need a Smartphone to be used: this device connects to the free included mobile data or to WiFi and allows you to make up to 50 transactions with a single charge. It is also available with a printer to attach and is in turn enabled both for payments via link and for Cashback.

Finally, there is also the solution 3G with printer. The SumUp card reader with printer, on the other hand, it does not have a fixed cost since it is without fee. Also this device does not need a smartphone to work and accepts all types of payments and print receipts in paper format. With a single charge it can make 50 transactions and moreover, when not in use, it recharges itself. The device is enabled for payment via link and Cashback.

SumUp Card Reader: The Cost of Fees

The SumUp card reader, if it is true that it does not have an annual or monthly expense (you only pay for its purchase), but it does have costs related to commissions. Indeed, to make the payment through various credit cards and it is necessary to provide for a small commission on transactions.

In practice, any type of card always has one transaction fixed which is very easy to remember. If you don’t use it, however, it’s free and there is neither a recurring cost nor a maintenance or management cost. There is no surcharge for company cards, you do not pay for installation, withdrawal, activation or assistance. In short, you pay almost nothing!

How to activate the SumUp card reader

To activate the SumUp card reader, you need to go to the site and make a comparison of commercially available card readers. To understand which one is ideal for your needs, it is advisable perhaps to make a selection by choosing according to what are the needs of your business.

In practice, if you don’t use it often it is advisable to use the SumUp air card reader. On the other hand, for those who may have a turnover that requires receipt printing, it is advisable to use the printer, or the SumUp 3G reader + printer.

Beyond the SumUp card readers that you will eventually choose, surely it is an advantageous solution and that can be easily activated by simply going to the company’s website.